First taste of script Killing: Who killed your client?

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The first time I heard of script killing was on a talk show. The actor joked: How boring is a person who has to spend money to have a meeting with people after work?What the actor was joking about was that it was actually a killing game played by young people after work, not scripted killing. But in my opinion, scripted killing and murder game have a lot in common.What is playkill?If I can sum it up in one sentence, it’s a murder game with a script, and everyone has to present themselves according to the script.I did a script shoot called “Who Killed Your Client?”, it is not just a game experience, behind the whole experience, contains a lot of customer service principles, thought-provoking.In order to respect the author’s originality, I would like to share my feelings with you without revealing the plot, or under the premise of not revealing the plot as much as possible.Finally, there is no need to preach script killing embedded training, which solves the problem of low participation of traditional training students.In the past, the level of participants’ participation depended on the instructor’s teaching skills. However, even if the instructor’s teaching skills were good, the trainees’ main task was to listen to the teacher, rather than reflect and change on their own.That’s a problem — you get very excited when you listen, and then you go back and you don’t move because you’re learning knowledge and you don’t touch the heart of the student.But script-killing training is different, in which students experience the author’s pre-designed ideas.Teaching practice has proved that the more students participate, the more they will gain.In particular, the Z generation (born after 1995) began to enter the workplace, and the effect of traditional teaching-style training is becoming weaker and weaker. They are not willing to listen to teachers’ lectures.Script killing training, to provide a new idea of operation.For students, passive acceptance is no longer necessary;For teachers, no more spoon-feeding.Script killing training, so that the classroom really realize teaching and learning — teachers save effort, students participate, is a win-win process.In my opinion, this kind of experiential training will play an increasingly important role in the field of training.One thing that stands out to me this time is that before you open your mouth, whether it’s in service, marketing, or management, you need to be aware of how your words will affect others.As an old saying goes, a good word is warm in three winters, and a bad word is cold in June.Many times, our unintentional words will have a very bad effect on others.Everyone may have heard that story: in our body, there is a diligent villain and a lazy villain, they two fight all day long, grow up, found the diligent villain, was killed by the lazy villain.Through this play, I have a new view: everyone hopes to have a good interpersonal relationship, no matter with strangers, or close people, we need to realize that there is a good villain in our body, fighting with the evil villain.We have to put ourselves in the side of the good people, to protect their good thoughts.When it looks like we’re helping others, we’re actually helping ourselves.Many vicious incidents of revenge society, in addition to the parties are more abnormal, in many cases, the fuse is the parties encountered malicious treatment, we may say a word heavy, became the last straw to crush each other.The malice we exude can ignite malice in others, and the end result is mutual destruction.Just like in the previous news, the owner of a Mercedes cursed a security guard and was stabbed to death, the owner just didn’t protect his good intentions.The end result is that one dies, the other is condemned, and eventually dies too.A fight down, no one won, because both sides did not protect their hearts of good thoughts, let the heart of the evil villain, won the final victory.”Life is all about being kind and walking through thorns,” Mr. Cha said.In my opinion: to treat others well is to treat yourself well.At the end of the experience, the mystery of the subject’s death was finally revealed. In my opinion, the tragedy of the subject lies in her faulty thinking mode.In the best-selling book the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit Number one is being proactive.Each of us should grasp the switch of his own behavior, the remote control of his own emotions, firmly grasp in his own hands.If someone is hurtful or personal about us, we should not just follow our instincts, but think about what’s best for us.Many years ago, I saw an angry song, I think it is particularly reasonable, the first sentence is so: I am not angry when others are angry, and no one will replace me when I get sick.One’s life, can not control the day, control the ground, can only control myself.Most people’s parents and teachers don’t have a choice, but bosses, co-workers, relatives, and passers-by all have a choice — you can’t afford to get out of trouble.There are too many garbage people in the world.Some people, a lifetime to do some things at the expense of others, such a person all his life, can only do a scum, or unworthy.There are people who, from the moment they open their eyes, start producing garbage for the world — emotional polluters, food-making dung machines.Encounter such a person, we must not tangle, to quickly put it away, just as a fart.It is the wisest thing to do, not to try to change others, but to learn to let go of ourselves.Whenever we meet someone who is irrational, abusive, or stupid, we have to say to ourselves: I am not his parents, there is no obligation to educate him, I just stay away from him.It’s very irrational to have to compete with animals like this.Defeated the other party – than animals also a beast played a tie – and animals did not play the other party – animals is not equal to how calculate are not cost-effective?If the deceased had understood this earlier, the tragic outcome would not have occurred;If everyone understood this, the world would be peaceful.Hope above comprehension, can have inspiration to you.# Ming Shao early say ## Ling Yun Guan Zhi #