Chengde, Hebei province: Dress up as a “bright” city to celebrate the Spring Festival

2022-05-25 0 By

In order to let the general public celebrate the Spring Festival and enjoy the city life better, chengde City Management Comprehensive administrative law Enforcement Bureau recently carried out the decoration work of the 2022 Spring Festival in the city with the theme of “Auspicious Auspicious Auspicious Years blessed by The Golden Tiger”.Chengde city focuses on the lighting decoration of “Three Bridges”, “seventeen Road” and “twenty-one nodes” in the main urban area.Chengde City Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau staff working overtime, construction personnel braving wind and snow, to promote the project landing, to ensure safety, quality and construction period.Compared with previous years, chengde city this festival decoration scope is broader, the atmosphere is more prosperous.High standard lighting traffic station, light up the “Impression of Chengde”.The high-speed railway station, railway station, expressway and other 6 important entrances and exits, as well as their adjacent streets, are illuminated with high standards. The enthusiastic creative lamp sets and warm and red tree lanterns light up the “Impression of Chengde”, showing the enthusiasm for welcoming and sending.Large-scale lighting urban nodes, to create a full flavor of the New Year.The main urban area will have more nodes, and the high-tech zone will be included in the decoration scope to create a “charming new Chengde, dynamic high-tech Zone”.At the same time, last year’s most popular folk lanterns in Ying Dam Park continue to maintain the standard and improve the effect.