Huawei chooses new 5G phones!Hi Nova 9 SE is online

2022-05-24 0 By

The new model will have a 6.78-inch 2388×1080 LCD screen, a rated battery of 3,900mah, support 66 watts of quick charge, a body size of 165×75.7×7.94 and a weight of 191g, according to the ministry.According to blogger @Whylab, the plane is believed to be a Previously exposed China Post Hi Nova 9 SE, similar to huawei Nova 9 SE.According to the core information, it will be powered by an 8-core 2.2ghz chip, which is likely to be a Mediatek Breguet 700 processor, unlike huawei’s Nova 9 SE Snapdragon 680 4G.