During the Spring Festival, the traffic police brigade continued to carry out the “beautiful village trip” publicity activities

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In order to effectively enhance the traffic safety awareness of the rural people in the jurisdiction and effectively ensure the safety of people’s travel, we will spare no effort to prevent traffic accidents in rural areas.Just after the New Year, traffic police brigade mall without, positive action, closely around the “beautiful country” traffic safety tour theme, sustained and in-depth GuoShengDao along the village, the field into the door propaganda various ways, as far as possible, expand coverage for rural traffic safety propaganda, improve jurisdiction the traffic safety awareness and participation of the masses.In the activity, the brigade police took advantage of the rural people during the Spring Festival relatively concentrated and are basically at home characteristics, took the form of directly walking to the village, send traffic safety knowledge to the door, and the area of the people exchanged greetings, chat.Based on the traffic accident cases occurred in the area of jurisdiction recently, the negative typical of drunk driving and other well-known trifles around us, we widely spread laws and regulations, safety knowledge and the important role of helmets and seat belts, and explained in detail the common sense and importance of standardizing the wearing of helmets.Focus on visiting relatives and friends during holidays, more children, to always care for children not to play on the road;Start driving and road driving process, be sure to do careful inspection, careful observation.The elderly, relatives and friends in the family are told not to travel by tricycles and agricultural vehicles, not to take oversize vehicles, not to drink driving and other rural traffic violations, and guide everyone to consciously resist traffic violations.At the same time, the police also especially aimed at left-behind elderly and children to carry out traffic safety publicity.They sent the children to “children’s traffic safety publicity book”, to explain to the children in daily life to pay attention to the traffic safety matters.Remind the children to pay attention to their own safety at the same time but also a good traffic safety propagandists, supervision of good parents and relatives and friends to comply with the traffic rules.They also distributed promotional materials such as One Helmet belt and Civilized Driving.Eye-catching and vivid posters have been posted in traffic safety propaganda positions in each village and town.Through the development of normal activities, not only shorten the distance between the police and the area of the masses, but also imperceptibly enhance the traffic safety awareness of the masses, to ensure the rural road traffic safety and smooth laid a solid foundation.