The Performance of Chinese women’s football team is satisfactory, and the fans suggest: these three are worth learning from the men’s football team

2022-05-23 0 By

Beijing time On February 6, China women’s football team in the Asian Cup final against South Korea women’s football.It was a very close match and, according to the FIFA rankings, it was also very close.However, in the end of the game, some fans suggested: the men’s team should learn from these three.I think there is a certain truth, let’s see which 5 people are: the first is the head coach Shui Qingxia.It is said that soldiers bear a bear, will bear a nest, this point from the Chinese women’s football has been a very good embodiment.Jia xiuquan led the women’s team to the Tokyo Olympics, but for a variety of reasons, the team performed poorly in the Olympics and was eliminated at the group stage.When Jia xiuquan resigned, Shui Qingxia took over the team, which may not be well known to many fans, but in fact, the selection of women’s football coaches was not smooth at that time.On the one hand, the Chinese Football Association has its own ideas and some candidates have been recognized by everyone.On the other hand, fans and industry insiders have some suggestions for suitable candidates.At the last minute, Shui Qingxia emerged as the head coach of the National women’s football Team.However, the way she led the team and her achievements not only enabled her to advance to the 2023 Women’s World Cup in The Asian Cup, but also advanced to the final.Because of this, after the Chinese women’s football team played against South Korea, some fans suggested that The men’s football team should learn from Shui Qingxia. I think there is some truth in this. After all, the Chinese men’s football team changes coaches frequently, so the new head coach should learn from Shui Qingxia.The second is Wang Shuang, as we all know, before the match against Japan, Wang Shuang accidentally sprained her foot and could not play in this match.But with the Chinese team having reached the final and given her time to recover, Wang posted on social media before the final against South Korea: “Tonight, watch us!”Remember, at this point, her foot is still heavily bandaged.This is the spirit of the Chinese women’s football team.We can also see in the match against South Korea, Wang Shuang is still very hard on the court, but the bandage on her foot is so bright.In fact, it does not matter whether she performs well or not, what is important is that she has passed this spirit to all the players and Chinese fans, we are moved.Therefore, after the Chinese women’s match against South Korea, the fans suggested that Wang Shuang should be a good example for the men’s team, which I think is entirely reasonable.The third is Miss Tang.Just before the final, Kane, the tottenham Hotspur star of The English Premier League, used social media to cheer for Tang, wishing her good luck in the Asian Cup final and hoping to see The Chinese women’s football team win the championship.Maybe everyone is very strange, how premier League star Kane will come to cheer for Miss Tang?That’s because Tang joined Tottenham Hotspur women’s football team on a one-year deal in July 2021.That is to say, Tang And Kane work for the same club at the same time, it is normal for them to know each other, and Tang is fighting for the Asian Cup with the Chinese women’s football team, and entered the final, as a teammate, Kane cheer for Tang, it is reasonable.Have to say, with the progress of Chinese women’s football in recent years, we have more and more players to study abroad, like Tang Jiali, after study abroad, she was seen in the national team’s performance, especially in the final against South Korea, Tang Jiali played very well and is able to organise effective defense in midfield, and can play an important role on the offensive end,Especially her wide vision of passing, can mobilize the opposing defense, for the team’s forwards to create a breakthrough space.Therefore, after the match between The Chinese women’s football team and the Korean women’s football team, the fans suggested that the National football team should learn from Tang, which I think is quite reasonable.Nowadays, It is very important for Chinese football, especially men’s football, to go out and learn some advanced ideas of world football. The acquisition of such knowledge cannot be solved by hiring one or two coaches or foreign coaches.