Focus on zibo TWO sessions | Huan Zhengkun member: to high station perspective, according to local conditions to develop Zibo literature

2022-05-23 0 By

“In this year’s government work report, it was proposed that ‘we should create a network of Internet celebrities and promote the development of major projects to integrate culture and tourism’.Compared with chengdu and Xi ‘an, there is still a big gap in Zibo, which requires our industry employees to think seriously and face positively.”In this year’s zibo city two sessions, Zibo City CPPCC member, Shandong hongye Persimyan Tourism Development Co., LTD. Chairman huan Zhengkun brought “high station perspective, according to local conditions to develop Zibo culture and tourism industry” proposal.He said that although Zibo is not a typical tourist city, it has the gene of Internet celebrity. For example, the TV series “Clear water and Green Mountains with Smiling face” brought red leaves persimmon rock into popularity. Tanxi Mountain Glass Bridge is also the Internet celebrity place where visitors to Zibo compete to clock in.For the current development of zibo culture and tourism industry, Huan zhengkun feels that it has encountered some bottlenecks, such as poor economic benefits, insufficient consumption and insufficient potential mining;The products are not rich enough, and the quality needs to be improved, which fails to meet the real in-depth experience and quality lifestyle needs of tourists;Lack of high-level innovation, failed to really form an effective breakthrough in the national market.In Huan’s opinion, the culture and tourism industry needs to build a more imaginative space for capital and present a broader vision to tourists. The specific measures can be summarized as four aspects: concept first, project support, customer oriented and resource coordination.”Concept is positioning, giving visitors a reason to come.”Huan is he explained, to refine accurate striking, customer oriented concept and theme, and around the concept of theme, develop and create, persuasive argument materials in the system, including the realistic product, academic research, stories, legends, folk performing arts, etc., and note through market-oriented means, allowing concept to specific implementation.Secondly, we should continue to strengthen the construction of key projects, build them into important carriers of relevant concepts, and give full play to the leading effect.For example, Zhoucun Street for lu business culture, commercial port culture concept, Zichuan Pu Songling Memorial hall in Liaozhai culture concept, Boshan Lao Yan God food street, Shandong Cuisine Museum of the world “food city” concept, red leaves persimmon rock in Boshan natural landscape concept, and so on.Huan zhengkun believes that the project should focus on innovation, pay attention to the combination of local characteristics and trends, and grasp the law of industry development and consumer lifestyle changes.In addition, we should adhere to the perspective of tourists, have a deep insight into customer needs, do a good job in product planning, functional zoning and route design, so that tourists can truly get a unique tourism experience.Taking Boshan tourism as an example, Sion said, “Through the design and service of the tour routes, foreign tourists can taste the most authentic Boshan cuisine, appreciate the most beautiful boshan natural landscape and experience the most distinctive Boshan culture, so as to get a real travel experience.All of these require us to really focus on building products and operating services, so that we can really support the concept topic and achieve sustainable growth rather than a flash in the pan.””Zibo culture and tourism should focus on the national market competition, establish the idea of a chess game, reflect the idea of all-region tourism, overall development, complementary features and resource interaction, build zibo strength of Chinese culture and tourism market, and strive to truly realize the historical leap from the ‘ancient capital of Qi’ to the ‘new city of culture and tourism’ in a few years.”Huan zhengkun is looking forward to the future of Zibo Culture Tour.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Wang Jiasheng report)