Eleven points, three threes!Monk was in charge, Brow was excited, and Westbrook was too calm to shoot 0 in the quarter

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Eleven points, three threes!Monk was in charge, Timberlake was excited, westbrook was too cool to shoot 0 in a quarter!Beijing time on January 31, the lakers roadies against the hawks in the morning, on a less with wei, nearly reversal to beat the hornets, although lose the game, but also to see under the normal state of wei, James injury to continue the game short of war, heavy eyebrows and the monk two core rotate in back, at the same time the team also activate wing player Jones,That gives the lakers a step up in their rotation, and the Hawks, who have won six straight under the guidance of Trey Young, are pushing for the top eight in the Eastern Conference, and every game is important.First day at the beginning, the basket. Collins dislocation easy basket, the basket strong build less foul two foul shots, heavy eyebrows seal hunt, counter assists monk nailed a 3-pointer, flank, ray young help card peralta empty to dunk, heavy eyebrows outside hitting three points immediately respond, less straight plug the basket to find heavy eyebrows, which easily back scoring, the basket strong return for 2 points. Collins,Scored, heavy eyebrows low stepping cic card peralta eat the bread of dunk, Bradley line jumper scoring, monk help take two points, followed by heavy eyebrows empty Collins tu into 2 + 0, the lakers undersized team still suffer, heavy eyebrows pulled out, no one can match the height of the Collins, monk dead shot two points, the difficult stroke. Collins continue to score,Bradley picked up two points on a layup, and Huerter hit a 3-pointer to stop the lakers.After suspension adjustment, strong tu layup with Collins, the lakers insider didn’t help at the top, monk a 3-pointer by couple card peralta secondary offensive foul two foul shots, heavy eyebrows cut stroke scored, hunter holding breakthrough foul two foul shots, less passes, ray young counterattack layup got 2 points, the lakers run miscommunication, ray young ball back easily reached,Coach Vogel was upset and called a timeout.Entered the final stage, the monk flank again in three points, Collins low shot two points jumper, trevor Yang qiang foul two foul shots, monk help Howard empty to dunk, tucker, turned against the layup scoring, defense, ray young tough jumpers back 2 points, three points back to equalise. Collins, Anthony stepping cic firmly hit and gallinari back three points,The lakers trailed the Hawks 33-34 after the first quarter.First quarter the lakers hit 33 points, played very offensive, insider help defense problems, however, that the eagle finally complete overhaul, but coach vogel to use Howard, will be able to improve this problem, heavy eyebrows and monk back play a key role at the same time, the two are single section 11 points, monk 5, 4, hit 3 remember three points scored 11 points 5 rebounds, 3 assists,Russell made 5 of 8 for 11 points, 2 assists and 1 block. Westbrook shot nothing in the quarter and was very calm, just connecting with his teammates and scoring like crazy when he really needed to step up.