Dinosaur egg plum tree seedling cultivation requirements, dinosaur egg plum benefits?Let me tell you today!

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Dinosaur egg plum seedling is apricot plum series fruit.It has apricot aromas and plum sweetness.It has been called the international fruit of the 21st century.Dinosaur egg plum seedling cultivation requirements, what are the benefits of dinosaur egg plum seedling?1. Dinosaur egg and plum seedling cultivation points.1. Seedlings can be planted from mid-November to late March.2. The planting density of dinosaur eggs and plum seedlings should be determined according to the characteristics of varieties and site conditions.Plant spacing is 3 meters ×4 meters.2 meters ×3 meters, 56-110 plants can be planted per mu.3. Methods: Dig a planting hole 80cm square (hole length, width and depth 80cm) in the planting land, dig out the topsoil, soil and soil, backfill with 20-30kg of decomposed organic fertilizer (hole length, width and depth 80cm), and then dig out 10cm below the surface to facilitate watering after planting.When planting, dig a small pit in the planting hole first, put the seedlings in the small pit, compact the soil, pour enough water, and then seal the soil after the water is completely seeped out.When planting, seedlings should be raised while filling soil, so that the root system is fully extended.Planting depth should be spread over the roots and ground.Most varieties of plum seedlings need to be equipped with pollinators during planting.Two, the characteristics of dinosaur eggs and plum seedlings.Dinosaur egg plum seedlings taste unique, sour and sweet refreshing, excellent appearance, beautiful appearance unique, excellent sales.With an average weight of 32g, largefruit egg plums belong to the largefruit type.There are not many dinosaur eggs and plums in China.The big plums grown here now have a unique taste.How can there be no market?Dinosaur egg plum seedlings less pests, strong resistance to disease, rich taste.When planting, use pollinating trees to increase fruit setting.China’s apple, peach, pear planting area is large, dinosaur eggs and plum seedlings market prospects are optimistic.There are not many dinosaur eggs and plum seedlings on the market.Three, the management of dinosaur egg plum tree.Inhibit the growth of new shoots, weaken the momentum of the tree, balance nutrition and growth.The whole growth process except after fertilization and watering.You can also water the soil once or twice, depending on soil moisture.Then choose the medium tillage soil to build a garden.Plum seedlings bloom early and are vulnerable to late frost.In the affected areas, the north and northwest slopes with elevated and slow air circulation should be selected.Planting process will inevitably encounter some diseases and insect pests, bring certain losses to fruit farmers.Losses caused by pest control.Fruit growers need to be aware of the problems in the planting of plum seedlings.How to deal with pests and diseases.For example, plum seedling red heart disease, also known as leaf swelling disease, early harmful to the leaf, later harmful to the fruit, leaf surface of red and yellow gas.When the disease spot is serious, the fruit surface will produce red round fruit, forming red fruit.Plum trees blossom to the core.The incidence was high in rainy season and peaked from mid-June to mid-july, with a high incidence of plum seedlings.Dinosaur egg plum seedling cultivation requirements, the benefits of dinosaur egg plum seedling?