Cough, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever, etc. What is the body saying?

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Hello everyone, I’m Dietitian Ryo Kotani. Today, WE will talk about the relationship between diseases and the body. Today’s topic is: cough, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever, etc.Now enter the theme, from the symptoms to read the body’s signals, understand the body’s response, and learn to support the body.Is fever bacterium, virus stem?Cough, vomiting, loose bowels, headache, fever, etc. What is the body saying?Many people are afraid of getting sick. Actually, being sick is a very special process, which can be said to be a process of the body protecting you.For example, when you get hit, when you get hit, your body hurts, and then it inflates, and this thing that looks like a disease, it’s just your body protecting you.Therefore, naturopathy should teach all people to avoid injury and treat injury as disease.At the same time, on the other hand, think of the physical symptoms as a way for your body to love and protect you., for example, if you have dirty things into your eyes, isn’t it will soon close your eyes, and eyes are itchy, will tears, and the process, the occurrence of the disease, in fact is to combat damage body action, we need to eliminate not tears, not itchy eyes, we want to eliminate the damage do not continue!So, to explain the disease process, we need to understand the body’s various responses.For example, if you have viruses and bacteria entering your body, how do you get rid of these viruses and bacteria, these things that you can’t see or touch?See what the body does?01, Initially, the first thing you do when germs arrive in your nasal cavity is sneeze!This action is a great thing, you take a deep breath, then muscle tighten, “ah” the silhouette, sneeze out.This is the equivalent of a category 12 typhoon for bacteria, which are so small that sneezing in the nasal cavity flushes out the bacteria and viruses).Teach you a recruit a cold germination, prevent colds and virus infection is a very important experience, is that if there is an opportunity, you suddenly find yourself when you sneeze, you must hurry to find a corner, an empty place, then keep breathe in, breathe, breathe in, breathe, help the body with sneezing, take the initiative to point!Because since your body is going to “beg” and do this with so much effort, you need to coordinate your body’s movements quickly.Do a few and you might get rid of your cold.You probably won’t catch a cold.Because this movement is to understand the body of the speech of the movement.02. “If you don’t sneeze in time at first, then you’ll meet the next one and start getting mucus, or phlegm.”This snot and this sputum is not made by bacteria and viruses, bacteria and viruses don’t have the ability to do that, this snot and this sputum is a strategy of your body to get rid of bacteria and viruses and some of the dirt.This strategy is very effective, you don’t need to stop her, instead, you need to support her!How can you support your body to complete this process?When your body produces phlegm and mucus, it’s a sign that your body needs these products to get rid of something harmful.If you want to help him, eat foods that can increase mucosal protection, nutrients that can increase mucosal protection, such as vitamin C, vitamin B, beta-carotene foods and nutrients that can protect mucosal health.Understand that if your body wants to do these things, you need to support it.Therefore, disease is not for you to control, suppression, disease needs you to cooperate and support.We’re doing it backwards!03. “When you have a headache, what you need is not to stop the headache, but to ask yourself, what does your body signal for a headache?”It means the body may not have good blood flow, it means the muscles of the body are too tense, it means the body needs you to help it, relax the tense muscles that are blocking the blood vessels, pumping the blood, pressing the nerves!What we need is not to cure headache, the body sent a headache signal to you, not to let you cure liao headache, but to let you help him, eliminate those factors that cause headache!04, for example, you eat today, don’t be careful to eat dirty bad, then you want to spit it out, when your body vomiting, don’t you go to eat anti-nausea drug, instead you should try to put the things clean, try to eat some more, can help you to spit something clean food, or fruit juice, or supplementary nutrients, helps you put the dirty things clean,Clean.Because vomiting is the body’s way of keeping dirt out of your bloodstream!05. Similarly, when you eat something dirty, when you have diarrhea, try to eat something or drink something that helps you to get rid of it and help your body with the task instead of taking antidiarrhoids!When your body has a fever, note that fever is not caused by bacteria or viruses.Bacteria and viruses, they don’t have the ability to turn your body temperature up, they can’t.That’s your body. In order to fight off bacteria and viruses, it converts stored energy into heat, so that your body temperature starts at 37 degrees and goes up to 39-40 degrees. Do you have any idea how much it takes for your body to raise your body temperature by two or three degrees?This movement is a huge work on the body, so do you feel tired and tired after you have a fever?Because it’s quite simple. The process of having a fever burns up all of your body’s energy to support the fight against bacteria and viruses.However, when your body goes to the trouble of raising your body temperature by two or three degrees, do you realize that between 39 and 40 degrees is the temperature at which viruses and bacteria find it most difficult to reproduce?The body is raised to this temperature to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and viruses and to eliminate them.Unfortunately, a lot of people, at this critical time, to the hospital to reduce the fever!Many poor children, their lively body, very sensitive immunity levels, by a lot of parents, the improper use of a lot of children, encountered a bacteria and viruses will soon launch a fever to overcome, unfortunately, every time not to burn, very not easy the body temperature is elevated, the result is you give or take an injection, take medicine, infusion bag or bottle,It brought the temperature down.Have you discovered, those who take medicine with injection, condole bottle to treat a cold have a fever, easy to catch a cold have a fever frequency is very high!Everything by this child, by this person personally overcome a cold fever, often overcome a cold fever almost a year or two years later, and even very few cold fever!It turns out that fever is a very important tool for the body, a very effective way to fight off bacteria and viruses.All cancer patients, as long as they are cancer patients, are basically people who have not had a fever for many years.If there is a chance to give cancer patients a high fever, the chances of beating cancer are greatly increased.Why do children often have a fever but old people don’t?People who often have cold hands and feet, a nice complexion and very fine pores, and cold hands and feet, are basically people who have few fevers over the years.Why does she have so few fevers?What do you mean cold hands and feet?Is in fact the hands and feet cold energy shortage, energy shortage, want to burn are burned up, the people meet virus, bacteria, hurt, she just doesn’t have the ability to fight, no matter he is immunity is low, as long as his lack of energy, even if his immune system is strong, also can’t really play, because the work of the immune system needs to consume large amounts of energy!So, the next time you encounter a fever in your child or yourself, you should celebrate with a bang!You have not noticed that the older the person must have less fever, the younger the younger, the more a child, children, the more likely to have a fever, can it be said that those seven old 80 people are in better health?Obviously not, kids are healthier than they are!So why do young children often get a fever and old people don’t?Because the old man has no energy to have a fever, want to burn up!Also, you can see, kids get zits, older people, who get zits?Old people don’t grow, old people don’t grow, because old people are in better health?No, it’s because he doesn’t have the energy to flush the toxins out of his skin.08. The symptoms of the body are a self-preservation mechanism of the body. So remember, the first thing we need to understand is that the symptoms of the body are not meant to hurt us, but to protect us!I want to give you a word, your body will not harm you, no matter what happens, it will protect you, because it is with you, no matter how much hurt, is to rely on your body to face, you may not know how to do, but your body knows.Because your body is by millions of years of evolution, in the whole process of human history evolution, he has experienced countless challenges, countless setbacks, countless bacteria and viruses, all of these experiences, later passed on to you through heredity!All the challenges faced by your ancestors, your ancestors, have been inherited from you, and your ability to grow organs today, to keep every organ in your body working properly, is all due to DNA inheritance!Similarly, when faced with a new challenge, your body has a built-in strategy that is evident in all animals, not just humans.It’s just that people gradually abandon the wisdom of their bodies and choose to rely too heavily on medical treatments (which doesn’t mean they don’t need them).I am a dietitian, everyone call me Konggu Liang, I first konggu school, I am ACI international health management division, I am also a public dietitian, nutrition consultant, I am more traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation physiotherapist, psychological consultant.Ryo Kontani specializes in chronic diseases, pediatric diseases, anti-aging health, obesity health, sub-health consultation, health management, and customized health solutions.Finally, I would like to remind you that my health knowledge sharing content, if it involves nutrients, comes from Konggu Academy. Please do not blindly go to the drugstore, the supermarket, or the Internet to find, otherwise it will harm your health.Everyone’s body is not the same, the use of conditioning scheme is also different, need to understand your body, design a suitable scheme for you, do not imitate us, eating disorderly use, the consequences are at your own risk.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: