Watch out!Helping children keep lucky money is illegal

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Warning!Warning!This is not a drill!This is not a drill!According to reliable news, recently, one involves the most wide, deceived the crowd is the most, be deceived by the age of general minors, the highest amount of fraud is sweeping across the country!It is strongly recommended to download the national Anti-fraud Center APP!!The most iconic sentence of this scam is: — “Baby, your lucky money, mom take care of it for you?”In this scam, some children will obediently hand over the money, others will struggle, “so when will you give it back to me?But they end up with little or nothing left…Right!So this is successive generations…Ever most look forward to lucky money.Generation by routine, every year there are new pits.What is the origin of this lucky money, why adults and children are “fascinated” by it?The origin of New Year’s money I really went to check the attention of everyone New Year’s money, is not a modern product.As lucky money, the earliest lucky money came into being in the Han Dynasty.Legend has it that in ancient times, there was a kind of demon named Su (aged). He was black and white. Every year on the eve of New Year’s Eve, he would come out to touch a child’s head.In Jiaxing prefecture, there was a family named Guan. They played with their children because they were afraid that the broken pieces would harm their children. The children wrapped eight copper coins in red paper and put them next to their pillows.In the middle of the night a gust of wind blew open the door, blew out the lights, the black dwarf with his white hands to touch the child’s head, the child’s pillow mirror split a light, hurriedly withdrew his hand screaming to escape…Tube husband and wife with red paper package eight copper coins scare back to tell everyone, everyone do it, as expected from no longer dare to harm children.It turned out that the eight coins had been changed from the eight immortals to help the children to retire secretly.Therefore, people call this money pressure money, and because it is homophonic with the age, with the passage of time and is called New Year’s money.Later, the elders will be prepared in advance after dinner New Year’s money to younger generation, help younger generation pressure evil.So far, New Year’s Money is more emotional communication, and good wishes to the younger generation.And the south of the New Year’s money and the north is not the same, the north of the New Year’s money from one to two hundred to one thousand and two thousand, and the south of the New Year’s money is basically within 100 yuan, mostly 10 yuan (Guangdong’s “benefit is” several pieces have, figure a good lottery head).But there is a point very similar, that is, children’s lucky money is mostly parents to go or “custody”…Once upon a time you have not been handed a red envelope cover warm was taken away by the mother “custody”, and then it was silent experience?For me, the real lucky money, which is actually my New Year’s gift, has always been books.Until I became a mother, with a thousand sister, with a trillion, I gave them the “New Year’s money” is also a book.I think, this is inheritance (stingy).There are a lot of people think, by parents “fraud” for a long time, and finally since also parents, finally can pit children money!Sorry, the parents who want to “keep” the children’s New Year’s money, I consulted a few lawyer friends, can remind you oh – according to the “Civil Code” : (1) if the child is a minor over the age of 8, is restricted civil capacity, can independently implement pure benefit of civil legal behavior;The red envelope is a pure profit behavior. Parents can keep it for their children, but can’t spend it for them.(2) people with limited civil capacity can independently implement the behavior should also be adapted to its age intelligence, children can freely control how much New Year’s money, but also according to the actual situation of specific treatment.So the old ways don’t work!Lucky money, you really have to give children!Our home is born from the child, 3 New Year’s money every year, birthday red envelope can record a small account book, father still can help the child existence card, buy a small financial management.However, more parents worry: what if all the money is given to their children and their children spend it recklessly?There are often news “children to anchor brush gifts” “children charge game currency…”Shivering, with its huo Huo off, as well as parents tube.Don’t be afraid to “talk” about money with your child: to set up the right values for your child, namely: values > value > value help TA slowly understand that different types of money or work, in fact, are to serve different social values and personal choices.The second is to help children learn what money means to each and every one of us.Let the child also can understand what lucky money represents blessing, why is the New Year limited.Finally, help children understand money through gamified and scenario-based life experiences in everyday life.Such as taking her shopping at the supermarket or even helping the family with their financial planning.The most successful financial education is to provide children with both money and love.Try talking to your children about money so that they learn from an early age that value is more important than price.2. Life is more important than work.What is more important than study is to be a man.4. It is more important to share than to receive.5. Boundaries are more important than family.6. Happiness is more important than wealth.7. The only thing worse than lack of money is lack of love.Pocket money is just a short-term event, more everyday money education.Here we recommend a few sets of financial business education enlightenment picture books, I hope to provide some help for parents!Girl Gia rescues an injured Labrador, calling it “Money money” because it seems to react when her parents worry about money.It turns out that Qian Qian is not only a talker, but also a real master of money management. He taught Gia how to “deal” with money correctly and changed the fortune of her family.Bodo Schaefer, the “European Buffett”, uses vivid money fairy tales to break down the seemingly complex rules of wealth one by one and further guide how to operate confidently and firmly in life.He created shortcuts to understanding money and finance, taught us how to become richer in a fun and easy way, and taught us how to live a happy and free life with the help of money.”Money is fun,” “money is fun, including my pocket money, the money in a planned way,” the magic bank “, where the money comes from “, “the secret of wealth” 5 copies draw this story and 1 copies the money I can practice game, through the story of fun and lively pictures, let the children comprehensive understanding of the money, let parents no longer have to worry about talking about money.Small animals from the ground to roll crying with parents for money, to use their own work to get pocket money;From spending money on everything in sight to planning and using pocket money wisely;From learning about the functions of a bank, the concept of money and how it came to be, to learning financial tips…In a relaxed reading atmosphere, financial enlightenment, understand the real value and significance of money, establish a correct view of wealth, values and world outlook!There are also some fun games recommended: super classic “Monopoly”, “UNO”, “Poker”, holidays with children with chess games open the door to financial management.How do you plan lucky money with your children?Come on, clever parents, let me know in the comment section ↓