Pingdingshan city “crackdown illegal fishing” special action started

2022-05-22 0 By

April 1 morning, pingdingshan ecological environment bureau, the municipal bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the city Bai Gui mountain reservoir comprehensive improvement and lushan county office, zhanhe, comprehensive management of public demonstration area Bai Gui lake group in leveling staff rehab “to crack down on illegal fishing” project meeting, declared the city “to crack down on illegal fishing” officially open this special action.After the meeting, the above departments “land and water” combination, on the white turtle lake coast illegal fishing behavior has been centralized remediation.In the morning, the city ecological environment Bureau, the city agricultural and rural bureau, the city white Turtle Lake comprehensive control office and other departments in pingmei what group workers rest home around the white turtle lake waters to carry out joint law enforcement, using law enforcement vessels and law enforcement personnel “land and water”, on the coast illegal fishermen advised away.Illegal parties with bad attitude and refusal to cooperate will confiscate their fishing gear, bait and catch, and put the confiscated catch into white Turtle Lake on the spot and release it.According to law enforcement personnel, sold on the market a lot of bait for Bai Gui lake water quality is bad, easy to breed algae microorganisms, such as to reduce oxygen content in water, destroy the balance of water ecological environment, and the present is what fish spawning season, therefore advise anglers research method to obey the law, observe the law, dharma, put an end to illegal fishing, voluntarily protect the source of drinking water, protect water environment.Article 65 of the “law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution in banned ‘water level in drinking water protection zones engaged in aquaculture, tourism, swimming, fishing, or other possible pollution of drinking water activity,’ Bai Gui lake is YingCheng people’s” tank “, belongs to the drinking water sources reserve, but some fishermen ignored,Illegal fishing is still carried out in the waters of White Turtle Lake, which seriously endangers the drinking water safety of citizens and destroys the ecological environment and fishery resources.Based on this, the city’s multi-department decided to launch a ‘crackdown on illegal fishing’ special action, through strengthening joint law enforcement, this action will be long-term, regular development, hope the public and anglers understand, cooperate, and actively report illegal fishing behavior in the waters of White Turtle Lake.”Pingdingshan City Baikushan reservoir comprehensive regulation office director Tang Junjie said.Source: Pingdingshan