Green: there are only two people IN the NBA I dare not talk trash, one can not provoke, the other can not spray

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Green: There are only two people in NBA that I dare not talk trash, one can not be annoying, the other can not spray trash is undoubtedly NBA popular culture, almost every era has many trash talk masters, even Bird, Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other superstars, will talk trash during the game, in order to disturb the mentality of opponents.In today’s NBA league, warriors of the “dream” is definitely a green trash talk, even in the face of James durant such a heavyweight figure, and Charles barkley Pierce such predecessors, he also never mouth up, such as the sentence “before you come to us is the title of” it is from his mouth.While Green often takes on people, even his teammates, there are two people he’s never talked trash about.In an interview, green was asked if there was a player who didn’t talk trash, and he named Duncan and Bryant.”Duncan is one of the greatest players of all time, both in terms of personal honor and league status,” Green said.But because of the same position, Green often in the game and Duncan directly matchup, so naturally there will be no war of words.But interestingly, no matter what Green said, Duncan, like his nickname “Stone Buddha”, would not even look green in the eye, after a long time, green had to give up.As for Bryant, Green says he’s the kind of player who can’t trash talk and can’t get away with it, just like Michael Jordan.Because Kobe is insanely competitive and will respond with a strong performance if provoked, try not to irritate him when playing against him.Bryant is also known for being a trash talker in the league. Green once blocked Bryant’s shot and yelled at him, only to be stunned by Bryant’s response.”Get out of here, you rookie,” Bryant said coldly to Green. “It had nothing to do with your defense.”Since then, Green has not spoken trash to Bryant.