Wu was asked: Who is better, you or Donnie yen?He blurted out a reply. Yen was furious

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Said to circles famous kung fu star believes that many people would think of wujing, jet li, Jackie chan and donnie yen these martial arts masters, in the movie they good at martial arts is to let a person very unforgettable, but in real life, they also adore martial arts masters, itself is also a kung fu, or else how can easily hit this effect of the film,In the movie “leaf asked” inside also has a lot of very good martial arts, donnie yen’s martial arts performance is encouraging, the play and donnie yen and Wu Yue mutual dozen play can make people comfortable, the film inside, donnie yen and Wu Yue two people together they play, it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, has a long up to 3 minutes when donnie yen and Wu Yue play play,It was also thrilling to see, many people must have heard of Donnie Yen, the martial arts star, but who was Wu Yue?When heard this name, many people also said more strange, although Wu Yue debut for many years, also in a lot of fighting action movies, but he has always been a tepid state, Wu Yue like donnie yen is a martial arts champion, two people met in long before, also often together to practice martial arts, both is good at kung fu.Wu Yue is said to have also won the wushu championship title, the Wu Yue was when I was in an interview, his work far better than donnie yen, can also calls himself a beat SanSiShiGe, this feeling is exaggerated, but many people may not know, Wu Yue kung fu is very severe, but not that fire in the circle.Wu Yue learning martial arts at an early age he is take the route of kung fu, despite his starring role very much, but he has failed to let everyone remember him, director wu circles have become famous kung fu, martial arts actor, donnie yen also further developed in later works by their own martial arts, martial arts actor became known,But Wuyue also was born to learn martial arts but he has not been fire, Wuyue was weak and sickly since childhood, when his body, the condition is relatively poor easy to catch a cold sick, until later his mother took him to learn martial arts, he gradually very interested in martial arts.Had his mother let him to stay but is to enhance immunity, reduce illness, but then Wu Yue found myself super like martial arts, as long as there is a place to display his never hesitate, then Wu Yue action, should be able to see him in a number of movies, every time for everyone to see his wonderful fight scene, with a love of martial arts,Wu Yue also gradually took to the kung fu this road, and many of the martial arts star kumite also let a person shock, in spite of this, donnie yen and jet li have become, a very famous international martial arts star, Wu Yue has been stalled, however, once Wu Yue also said there was a time, a special worship jet li is also the door word,He also claimed that his kung fu skills were much better than Donnie yen’s.Wu Yue and donnie yen in “leaf asked” they play, and surprising, with a vengeance, someone says Wu Yue kung fu is quite good, even if the Wu Yue without fire, but his kung fu is really first-class, of course, also someone says Wu Yue didn’t fire up, that’s because he didn’t find the right role, but in Wu Yue own view,Actors still depends on strength and luck, although he has cast over a lot of work, but these works of word of mouth and box office also only so-so, maybe he really is not suitable for the entertainment circle, Wu Yue first entered show business development, of course, did not want to martial arts, believes that many people will enjoy his kung fu is very good.