Spring to grass-roots | “service folks, I don’t come who come!”

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Qinghai Daily rong media reporter Wang Ten mei gong and drum rhyme sonorous, cymbals hit loud.On February 10th, the first day of the first lunar month of the year of Ren Yinhu, the first dragon and lion dance competition is in full swing at the square of the administrative Service center of Guide County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.Eighteen dragon and lion dance teams from inside and outside the province are battling it out.The first lion dance team was the Beigou Village lion dance team from Wufeng Town of Huzhu Tu Autonomous County.In the noisy sound of gongs and drums, the two lions pounced, fell, turned, turned, or jumped…Performing a series of highly difficult movements, won the audience thunderous applause.The team prepared for the performance.Wang Shimei took the corner of the backstage, Quan Guolong watched the performance of the lion dance team, when the lion dance team shows the lion standing this difficult action, Quan Guolong silently pinched a cold sweat, for fear of what went wrong, although they have participated in a lot of performances like this.Quan Guolong is the leader of beigou Lion Dance team and the party branch secretary of Beigou Village.In 1998, Kwon became a Member of the Communist Party.During the seven years when he became the party secretary of Beigou Village, he worked hard and never forgot to serve his fellow villagers.Winter fallow farming and Spring Festival is the most concentrated cultural activities in Hehuang area.At this point, Quan Guolong was almost too busy to touch the ground.”I don’t care much about my family,” he said with a smile. “My daughter-in-law takes care of everything.”Because every year before and after the Chinese New Year, he is busy organizing everyone to play social fire.Every year at the beginning of the 11th lunar month, Quan guolong would organize everyone to rehearse her fire.About 160 people participate in beigou Village’s She Huo every year. Although Quan guolong does not take part in it, he works hard to organize rehearsals, costumes and props, and go out to perform.”I am a Party member and a grassroots cadre.Villagers have worked hard for a year, to the Spring Festival should also play a shehuo, watch a lively program.These services are either for me or for me!”Kwok lung said.Beigou Village Lion Dance team performance scene.Lion dance was originally one of the performances in Hehuo Village, Beigou Village, where it has been performed for decades.Because of the long history of the lion dance in Beigou Village, and their unique movements and skills, every performance will attract villagers from all around the village to watch.Later, beigou village set up a special lion dance team.”Normally, everyone goes their own way, but when we need to perform, we come together.”Kwok lung said.This time, beigou village lion dance team is on behalf of the Huzhu County cultural center to participate in the dragon and lion dance competition.”Lion dance is one of China’s outstanding folk arts, which contains rich cultural connotations.It is said that in the early years, the lion dance in our village was called the dance god lion, which expressed the villagers’ most simple wish that the New Year would bring good weather and good harvest.Nowadays, people’s life is getting better and better. Lion dance is no longer just a blessing performance, but more of a culture and a spirit.It is also our responsibility to carry forward and inherit the lion dance culture in Hehuang area.”Kwok lung said.The lion dance team of Beigou Village is highly skilled.During the conversation, the performance results of the Lion dance team of Beigou Village were announced, which was very good.There was a mixture of relief and regret.Several members of the lion dance team kept reviewing their mistakes, “in fact, we could have performed better.”In the face of the remorse of the players, Kwon kept comforting them: “It doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that we gave a wonderful performance to the old folks in Guide, very good.”Under the comfort of Quan Guolong, the mood of several players calmed down.The gong and drum again, another lion dance team appeared, beigou village lion dance team members have crowded to the side of the stage, while enjoying while learning the performance of other teams.Quan Guolong smiled and sorted out the lion’s head and some props put aside by several players. He picked up the drinks next to him and handed them to the players not far away.Qinghai Daily client statement: the above content, except for the source of the manuscript, are qinghai Daily original manuscript, qinghai Daily media platform all rights reserved, without written permission is strictly prohibited to reprint, offenders will be prosecuted!