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Yes, there is no mistake now distance from the province real AP on March 19 entrance examination only remaining 23 days with the entrance examination of the approaching tower teacher received the province real AP enter for an examination to consult more and more!Today, we have sorted out 10 hot issues that parents and examinees are concerned about.How should the student of province real AP fill in take an examination of volunteer?Provincial AP is independent recruitment, does not affect candidates to fill in the voluntary examination.The application form for the high school entrance examination can be filled in according to the parents/students’ wishes, there is no mandatory requirement.2. Do provincial AP students take classes with PRH students?Provincial AP students also study at the provincial main campus, enjoying the beautiful campus environment together with the students of the general high school.However, the students of PROVINCIAL AP have classes in an independent teaching building – New Zhe Building. Provincial AP has a pure American curriculum system, and the teaching content is different from that of general high school students.3. What is the proportion of Chinese and foreign teachers in AP?Provincial real AP teacher student ratio of 1:4, foreign teachers with master’s degree accounted for more than 33.3%.Provincial real AP clearly stated: will continue to optimize the teacher force, at the same time the introduction of more high-quality international education force, in the original foreign teacher team based on the expansion of 60% of the teachers, the teacher team will continue to expand.4. What are the accommodation conditions in The provincial real AP?Provincial AP students share the canteen with provincial high school students.Provincial “net red dining hall”, not only the environment is good, and the food is clean and delicious!In terms of accommodation, AP students will stay in the hotel international student apartment — Boya Building, with perfect supporting facilities, spacious and bright, warm and comfortable. The dormitory is also equipped with vending machines to facilitate students’ daily life.Boya Building Lobby first floor decoration details fifth floor epidemic prevention detection area 5.The provincial real guangdong province and even the country is second to none in the community resources.Up to now, there are more than 80 student associations in seven categories on the platform. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 1/3 of the associations are served as president or vice president by AP students of the province.6. Can provincial AP graduates only apply to American universities?Thanks to the global recognition of AP, in recent years more and more provincial AP students choose to apply for the joint application of multiple countries/regions, so that their overseas study path is broader!As of July 20th, the class of 2021 graduates of SAAP have received 117 offers from non-US countries or regions such as the UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, including 7 from G5 universities in the UK, 20 from university of Toronto in Canada, 11 from eight Australian universities and 10 from eight Hong Kong universities.7. What is the academic performance of provincial AP?Our AP students have been admitted by Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University and Cornell University, G5 universities in The United Kingdom, University of Toronto in Canada, Eight top universities in Australia, four top universities in Hong Kong, China and other world-class universities.In 2021, 80% of all AP students will be admitted to top 40 universities in the United States or the world, and 100% will be admitted to top 80 universities in the United States or the world.At the same time, the provincial REAL AP was awarded the top 10 of the National Public Schools’ International Department (Class) in the “2021 Hurun Top 100 Schools · China Top 100 International Schools”.For more detailed admission data, please refer to the previous article.In 2022, a total of 150 new graduates will be enrolled in provincial AP I, and a small number of transfer students will be accepted for examination.9. Provincial AP admission process?Submit application materials – take the entrance examination – pay the positioning fee – submit the results of the high school entrance examination – official admission 10.How many division does province real AP need to take an examination of?The provincial AP entrance examination is divided into written and interview subjects: English and Mathematics, and the interview subjects are both English and Chinese.As an old school, the international Department of Provincial REAL AP has provided more learning resources for the children of the international Department while retaining its excellent style of learning. The school running strength of the International Department has been further enhanced. This year’s tuition fee has also increased to 23.8W/year for the 2022-2023 academic year.Feel free to leave a comment or send me a private message