Municipal Market Supervision Administration: to create a safe and assured Spring Festival consumption environment

2022-05-20 0 By

On January 25, according to the Implementation Opinions on the Orderly Restoration of Normal Production and Life order in Different Regions and levels issued by the Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command of the Novel Coronavirus Infection In The City,The city market supervision administration recently focused on the import of cold chain, imported fruit, market prices and drug sales four aspects of six work, in order to stabilize the city’s market order, create a safe and assured consumer environment, for the masses through the festive and peaceful Spring Festival contribution.Strict supervision of imported cold chain food safety, centralized supervision of all imported cold chain food from the customs or other provinces into our city, and strengthen the management of centralized supervision warehouse.Give full play to the role of the “Yu cold chain” food traceability system, and strictly do a good job in the registration and filing of imported cold chain food, food coding, publicity and training, to ensure that the source of cold chain food can be traced, traceable and controllable risks.The main responsibility of third-party cold storage and food producers and operators shall be implemented strictly. The requirements of “three special licenses, three licenses, one code and four licenses shall not be allowed” shall be strictly implemented, and the daily supervision of key places such as farmers’ markets, seafood markets, imported cold chain food processing and production enterprises and key products such as imported refrigerated frozen livestock, poultry, meat and aquatic products shall be highlighted.Market regulators at all levels will carry out special law enforcement inspections and supervision spot checks at an appropriate time to prevent the risk of COVID-19 spread by imported cold-chain food.Strengthening the supervision of epidemic prevention and control over imported fruits.City market supervision and administration of the full implementation of imported fruits production operator’s main body responsibility, food safety in imported fruits management, storage area, professionals, dedicated channels, parameter, special tools, special disinfection of “six special” management measures, for the city’s large and medium-sized business super, farmers’ markets, fruits such as business outlets import fruit production operators to carry out the full cover,We will further implement the import inspection, real-name sales and information disclosure systems for imported fruits, strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic in imported fruits, and effectively reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission through imported fruits.We will tighten oversight over market prices.As the Spring Festival approaches and the epidemic affects, the public pays special attention to market prices.Market supervision departments at all levels to strengthen the jurisdiction mainly agricultural wholesale market, large supermarkets, pharmacies and other important places of supervision and inspection, timely grasp of grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and masks, dynamic, disinfectant, and other important commodities of the people’s livelihood to price fraud, bid up the price, such as colluding or hoarding to illegal pricing ACTS.Strict supervision of pharmacy sales.Market supervision departments at all levels in the city, in accordance with the principle of local supervision, detailed tasks and assigned responsibilities to people, continued to stop selling antipyretic drugs and proprietary Chinese medicines with antiviral and antipyretic effects, registered sales of antibiotics, antiviral and cough medicines under real names, and effectively played the role of retail pharmacies as “sentinel points” for epidemic prevention and control.Strengthen the frequency and intensity of supervision and inspection to ensure that retail pharmacies effectively implement in-store disinfection, wearing masks, taking body temperature, scanning code and other epidemic prevention and control requirements, and ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work in drug retail.We will strengthen oversight of market security.The Municipal Market Supervision Administration requires all units to further strengthen food safety risk prevention and control, drug quality and safety assurance, special equipment and industrial products quality and safety hidden trouble investigation, strengthen daily inspection, eliminate hidden trouble signs, resolutely guard against systemic and regional major safety problems.We will intensify efforts to crack down on illegal activities.Market regulators will strictly fulfill their responsibilities of local supervision, strengthen supervision and law enforcement, and effectively maintain market order during the epidemic and the Spring Festival.We will promptly investigate and crack down on illegal activities such as price gouging, unmarked pricing, and false publicity, which are of great concern to the people and have strong public complaints.We will unblock channels for complaints and reports such as the 12315 hotline and consumers’ associations, promptly accept and handle complaints and reports from the public in accordance with the law, promptly discover clues about the source of cases, and effectively protect the legitimate interests of consumers.”We adhere to the people’s life safety and body health in the first place, in strict accordance with the industry as a whole, apanage responsible for” principle, actively play a role of function, strengthen organization and leadership, and to strengthen the analysis, strengthening emergency disposal, strengthening the supervision inspection, take effective measures, determined to build the epidemic prevention and control of defense,To ensure the full implementation of responsibilities, epidemic prevention is not lax, no lack of supervision, no lack of services, to ensure the stability of the market order after the orderly resumption of normal production and life order in different regions and levels, to create a safe and assured consumer environment, to serve the overall situation of the city’s economic development.”City, the relevant person in charge of market supervision and administration at the same time stressed that will continue to play to the functions of market regulation, the market access, administrative examination and approval, quality technical services, intellectual property, credit supervision, etc., the sorrow of sorrow, snap of enterprises, the maximum support market main body hurried production, management, steady development, and cross the difficulties, actively help enterprises to return to work rehabilitation.