How do you spend the rest of your life when you’re old

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Go to the park for dinner tonight.Just into the pedestrian runway, waves of bamboo flute and erhu sound floating in the wind to the ear.I looked for the sound. A pair of old men were playing in unison.Because the park was dark, they were sitting on park chairs with a big banyan tree on their back.It was the story of a small town.Melodious flute, erhu qing yue.I went over and hummed a few words.The old man suddenly asked, “What songs do you like to sing?”I quickly said THAT I can not sing, another old man said that he can certainly sing yiclimei.So the two old men talked a few words and began to play. I began to sing along with the rhythm. After singing a few words, I found that I could not remember the words.I hastened to say THAT I could not sing.Say goodbye to them.Walking on the road, flute erhu leisurely.I thought of the neighborhood opposite us, where an old man used to sit under a tree and play various tunes.An old man in my neighborhood plays the harmonica whenever he has time.There was a thick music book, one of those transparent folders with printed pages of lyrics and resume notes.There are old ladies in the community, they go square dancing together as soon as they are free in the evening.Some old people make all kinds of steamed buns at home and sell them in the group.There are at home to play various wool clothes, do children tiger shoes and so on.Others play tai chi, kick shuttlecock and do simple aerobics.I wonder how our generation will spend the rest of their time when they are old.Going out to square dance?Probably not?Play the flute?No NoNO can play the erhu?It doesn’t exist.Can you make steamed buns?Can’t do Tai Chi?Can’t knit?Can you make tiger-head shoes?I suddenly panic, when I am old, I don’t know what I will do.Let’s see, I do now. I think I only do online shopping.If you’re old, what do you do to spice up your life?