Wu family health insurance manages well with good province good masses cure money

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This network news (district health insurance bureau) in recent years, Wujiagang district health insurance bureau to “three good” as the starting point, manage and use good money to save the masses, the whole process to build a strong health insurance fund protection line.Standardize the process and use the money.Strict implementation of the “window cross preliminary review, review of business departments, review of leaders in charge, final review of main leaders” process, reasonable establishment of AB posts, strengthen internal supervision, conscientiously implement medical expense review and reimbursement, accidental injury hospitalization approval system, to ensure that business management is standardized and orderly.Since 2019, the company has continuously achieved “zero error in fund settlement, zero delay in payment withdrawal and zero complaints in handling services”.Buy by volume and save money.We will make steady progress in purchasing drugs and medical supplies in concentrated quantities, and take solid steps to monitor the prices of drugs, supplies, and medical services, so as to reduce costs and control costs to help people keep their money in their pockets.Since 2020, designated units under the jurisdiction have been organized to complete 14 batches of purchase plan application for the fifth and sixth batches of national drug collection products, and the second and third batches of national drug collection consumables, paying 170,000 yuan as advance payment for the purchase of quantity of national drug collection products for hospitals under the jurisdiction, and carrying out balance retention assessment for 11 units participating in the first batch of national drug collection products with quantity purchase.We will supervise and manage money in accordance with the law.In accordance with the unified deployment of the whole city, various forms of anti-fraud publicity month activities are carried out every year.In 2021, the district health bureau “to carry out health regulations Adherence to fund security red line “as the theme, in 125 conducted fund supervision awareness month and free clinics in residential area to send health activities, and in all the township street, community (village), more than 30000 medical institutions of commercials on folding, put up posters about hundred copies, build a good atmosphere of the rule of law.We will carry out a campaign to crack down on fake goods, fake goods, and fake goods, and severely punish corruption around the people.The special governance inspection in 2020 has not been rectified in place and the problems found in 2021 provincial audit to carry out centralized rectification, recover 40,000 yuan of illegal funds, stock problems all sales numbers.Actively participated in the full-coverage inspection of the city, introduced a third-party company to conduct big data analysis for the first time, and recovered 2.4 million yuan of illegal funds.We conscientiously implemented the Detailed Rules for Reporting and Rewarding Fraudulent Medical Security Funds in Yichang, and investigated and handled two cases transferred by superiors and one complaint filed by the masses according to law.The Medical insurance Bureau of Wujiagang District will further integrate its forces, unite with the Municipal Bureau and urban brother units to form a joint inspection working group, continue to hire third-party professional institutions to participate in the supervision of on-site inspection, and use big data screening to analyze the abnormal settlement behavior of medical institutions in the district, so as to effectively protect the people’s money for medical treatment.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com