Secrets you Can’t Tell (Continuation 6)

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On the fourth day, he got up in the morning, packed his backpack and went downstairs for breakfast. Xiaowei sent Shufen to Hongqiao Airport by bus and subway. After shufen was sent into the terminal and boarded the plane, Xiaowei finally breathed a sigh of relief: he had sent his aunt away!I’m so tired of eating, living, and playing!Relieved, he rode back to his apartment and went back to his normal life.Shufen sat on the plane, waiting for the plane to take off and slowly climbed into the clouds, then began to walk smoothly.Through the porthole window of the plane, Shu Fen marveled at the white sea of rolling clouds, the deep blue sky and the dazzling sunshine on top of the clouds. For the first time, she felt that she was flying above the clouds and getting so close to the sun. “This is the ancient saying.Nine days & # 39;?”Shufen thought.Back in three days on a tour of Shanghai unfettered, shu Finn also calculate the eye addiction, legs addiction, although the basic didn’t buy what thing (in addition to a zhang ailing’s prose), didn’t eat what food specialties and snacks, noodles, dumplings, every day is not a small hotel is bread or baked wheat cake steamed stuffed bun sausages millet gruel, etc.), even in the most main purpose of the trip,Nothing happened and the journey was over. “But,” Shu Fen thought, “I finally saw the world!”Two and a half hours later the plane landed in nanyuan airport, Shu Fen took a taxi and took a bus, bumpy nearly three hours, finally returned to their collective dormitory.As soon as she entered the house, Shufen threw down her bag and collapsed on the bed like a broken frame. She did not want to move!She woke up and found it was getting dark. Shu Fen got up and washed her face, went to the dining hall for dinner, and took a bath.After washing back on the balcony to dry towels and clothes, roommates asked: “How ah?For several days, you didn’t rape her?”Shu Fen shook her head awkwardly and pleaded, “No!We share a room!The boy he lives with is on a business trip. He lives in that house and I live in his house!”I don’t know whether my roommates believe it or not, but Shu Fen said: I am not open to do a desperate big sex maniac.Roommates smell of smile, and asked: “true?So what did you do?”Shu Fen truthfully reported the three-day trip.When her roommate asked her how she felt about him, Shufen said she didn’t feel anything but that he was shy.Roommates say all this big age you grasp it.Shufen said yes, I know.In the evening, Shufen lay on her bed. Although she was still very tired, she could not help recalling her visit to the Expo Park that day: If she went to the Saudi Pavilion at the beginning because she was scattered because of too many people, then what did Xiaowei mean when she went to the urban arena and urban Pavilion, which were not too crowded?Several times, xiaowei is obviously behind the Finn next to or walking, but I do not know when she Finn a twist or turn head to see xiaowei. Nowhere to be seen, so she was looking around to find, finally found xiaowei before a row of tall buildings lights or from the first floor to the second floor hollow spot hall in front of the “big” trance stunned, shu Finn was faint intuition is:”Is he trying to avoid me?Alas, they are not familiar with me, nor welcome me, who let me hurry up to take the initiative to go?What more can you ask?Since then, Shu Fen and Xiaowei respectively according to the original track, no contact.Xiaowei had no idea what to do. He thought that if you came to me to entertain you and if you left me to see you off, it was tepid and modest. You couldn’t pick anything and hope for anything.Shufen thinks that I am a woman, and always begging for help is not business. If I don’t talk to you, I don’t have to talk to you.After more than four months of this standoff, both of them are going home for winter break.One day, Shu Fen’s matchmaker called shu Fen and asked her how she and Xiao Wei talked. Shu Fen told her about going to Shanghai and her feelings and Xiao Wei’s attitude. She said that she had not contacted her since then.The classmate said xiaowei’s aunt called her and said she hoped she could fix them up again so that they could get to know each other better when they got home during the Spring Festival.Shufen said, “Let’s meet.”New Year’s day at eight o ‘clock in the evening, Shu Fen is sitting in front of the TELEVISION to watch the Spring Festival Gala, they heard SMS ring on the mobile phone, Shu Fen point open information, turned out to be from Xiaowei, shu Fen happy New Year, happy.Shu Fen also replies in the past.After a while, Xiaowei called and invited Shu Fen to go to his house to play in the second year of middle school, shu Fen happily agreed.Shufen thought as she hung up the phone, This is incredible!Is he taking advice from someone?How did you get so aggressive?(unfinished)