Mother tied up in broken house suspected of domestic violence?Local rumors say he is violent and lives alone

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On January 28, netizens reported that a mother of eight who ate cold rice and slept in a shabby house in Huankou town, Fengxian county, Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province, was suspected of domestic violence, and some netizens feared that the woman was abducted and sold.The publicity department of fengxian County Party Committee told reporters that the Internet legend was not true and that the woman, who married her husband in 1998, had been arranged to live alone in a hut by her family because of her violent tendencies.Several videos of a family with eight children in Fengxian county, Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province, circulated online on Jan 28.In the video, the father dressed and fed the child in his house, while the mother lived in a shabby house next to the big house. She wore no shoes, her hair was messy and her cheeks were darkly painted. Steamed buns were thrown on the kang.In another video, the child’s mother sits in a courtyard in a padded jacket and talks.Under the video series, comments said the woman spoke English and was sane when she first arrived in the village, but became the woman in the video after being abused.After the above series of videos were released, many netizens immediately attracted the attention of many netizens, who doubted whether the woman had been trafficked and called for the police.But the blogger responded to the comments by saying that he intended to force the father of eight children to be kind to the mother under public pressure, and that if the father was arrested, no one would take care of the child.The video of the mother living in the broken house has since been removed.Reporter search found that online more relevant video, eight children father shows the name of Dong mou.In a video posted on Weibo on Jan 24, Dong explained that she married in her 30s and was looked down upon by others, so she wanted to have more children.Now the family has seven sons and a daughter, he said, adding that he has to pay for his children’s education with or without money.The video shows the children neatly dressed and speaking clearly.In a recent video posted by another Douyin blogger, the blogger also asked Dong how she had more sons, and Dong said it was a natural thing.The oldest son is now 23 and the youngest is 2.At noon on January 28, fengxian Women’s Federation staff responded to reporters that the same morning the Women’s Federation has received a number of netizens reflect the situation, now county women’s federation, public security and other departments have been involved in the investigation.Fengxian county party committee propaganda department staff told reporters, after a preliminary investigation, the video of the woman in Jiangsu Xuzhou Fengxian Huankou town, and the child’s father in 1998 to get a license to marry.Her family placed her in a separate house because of her violent tendencies.”She doesn’t get up very much in the winter and one of the bloggers suddenly called her up for a photo shoot and saw her with messy hair and no shoes.This family is also a registered poor family, eight people in the family receive subsidies, more than 3,000 yuan a month.”The staff introduced.Reporters asked whether the woman’s family lived in the local, and the woman has no contact, the staff said that the situation has not mastered, the future investigation will be unified public release.Source: Extreme News Editor: Chen Chen