Harbin police hit hard, 347 people arrested!

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“Acquisition of 100 stars with QQ number, interested in private……”Recently, Harbin, li mou sees the group manager in the social software group issued a message immediately thought of money to be made are unemployed li mou DMS the group manager “50 to 100 yuan, or the old price, don’t hesitate for a moment the quota will have to wait until the next time again” later, li mou to skillfully the major social networking platform release purchasing information:Buy idle QQ, wechat, 20 yuan a easy to earn pocket money.It was the third time Li had grabbed such a task until he was arrested by the police. He did not know that reselling QQ accounts was illegal. “Most of these social accounts were used by criminal gangs engaged in fraud, gambling, money laundering and other activities, and the social harm was extremely serious,” li said.In January this year, Harbin City public Security Bureau Xiangfang branch anti-fraud center found in the work, there are gangs engaged in the purchase and sale of wechat, QQ and other virtual accounts illegal criminal activities, and a huge number.Via preliminary investigation, Harbin city Xiangfang district resident Wang mou has a major crime suspect, behind the person is a huge through the acquisition of virtual account, and then sold to the outside of the telecom network fraud group implementation of criminal gangs.Subsequently, the task force dispatched 200 elite soldiers and captured 102 people involved in the case.In another case, unemployed man Guo mou its bank card flow amounted to more than 2 million yuan, caused the shipping branch police attention.After investigation, the police preliminarily concluded that Guo is suspected of helping electricity fraud crime money laundering.On March 14, in a hotel in Xiangfang district, the police arrested the suspect Guo who was suspected of helping the crime of information network crime, confiscated 29 bank cards and 2 POS machines on the spot, and seized more than 10,000 yuan of illegal income.After interrogation, Guo confessed to the fact of banxin (help information network crime), and confessed that he provided bank card money laundering for others successively in Bayuquan of Liaoning and Guangzhou, Guangdong province, the amount of money involved was more than 2 million yuan, and the commission was 40 thousand yuan.In recent years, telecom network fraud is a high incidence situation, seriously endanger the security of people’s property.Since March, Harbin public security authorities have cracked down on 7 local fraud dens, arrested 347 suspects and cracked down on 26 local money laundering dens.Police tips: do not apply for registration of my QQ number, micro signal, micro blog number and other network virtual accounts to sell, rent, provide others to use.To effectively protect their own account password security, found abnormal account should be timely change the password, such as account stolen should be timely frozen account and report to the relevant authorities.Online dating should be cautious, beware of unknown friend applications, so as not to be cheated.(Reporter from Heilongjiang Radio and TELEVISION Station: Liu Chang)