Flowers still smiling spring breeze, a set of pictures to see shencheng war “epidemic” daily

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Shanghai, April 2, People’s Daily Online (Tang Xiaoli, Wang Wenjuan) March is fading away, and April is quietly coming. This is the spring season, but Shanghai is in the midst of the “epidemic”.There is no smoke of the battlefield, no one can stand idly by, everyone in their own way to protect the city.Apricot blossoms bloom on the campus of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Early March. Apricot blossoms are in full bloom on the campus of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.On March 8, 13 groups of villagers in Qigan Village, Zhoupu Town, Pudong New Area underwent the second round of nucleic acid testing. The sun was high and outdoor reached 20 degrees Celsius.When Baymax finished, the blindfold was covered with fog.On the evening of March 18, the first batch of nucleic acid testing volunteers of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Medical School set out overnight to support Shanghai Lanwei Medical Laboratory in Baoshan District.Nearly 300 people applied in less than three hours after the medical school posted a recruitment announcement on the same day.”Regret” failed students have said to do “substitute number one”.At the end of March, a medical worker fell asleep leaning on a tent pole during a short rest at the nucleic acid sampling site in Zhangjiang Science, Technology and Culture Square.At 3 am on March 28, traffic police at the entrance of yan ‘an East Road tunnel from Pudong to Puxi to make preparations for tunnel sealing control. From 5 am, Pudong entered the whole area sealing control state.Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau for the picture on the evening of March 28, at this time, pudong New Area has been in lockdown control, Mr. Xia who lives in Pudong Avenue is in urgent need of medicine for gout.The father himself was in Hongkou, ready with medicine, but unable to deliver it to his son.At 10 PM, hongkou police help the old man “across the river” to deliver medicine.A 201-member medical team from Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine prepares for their departure to the new International Expo Center, the largest centralized treatment center in Shanghai, March 31, 2017.Shanghai’s Puxi district has been under lockdown since 3am on April 1, and traffic near waibaidu Bridge has been under control, making “night Shanghai” instantly quiet.On April 1, zhoupu town of Pudong New Area began a new round of antigen testing, taoyuan community administered by the community gate, medical staff are disinfecting each other.A medical worker carries medical supplies to the coSCO Liangwan City, the largest community in downtown Shanghai, east China’s Shanghai, April 1, 2019.A volunteer helps an elderly man to undergo nucleic acid testing in Zhongyuan Liangwan City, Putuo District, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, April 1, 2019.Cherry blossoms in the campus last year.People do not know where to go, the flowers are still smiling spring breeze.Photo taken by Professor Liu Jinyu of East China Normal University at Minhang Campus.Share to let more people see