True endurance without fear of trial, geometry car endurance Challenge Chengdu station show true endurance strength

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March 30, Geometrical car “No electricity!Anren Ancient Town, a museum town in China, successfully completed the Challenge.This activity invited many media experts, geometric car owners, to measure the most real mileage of geometric cars, challenge the endurance limit.As a mid-to-high-end pure electric brand under Geely Auto Group, Geometric Automobile has defined the direction of new energy vehicle product innovation and development based on the different needs of pure electric users and vehicle scenarios at the beginning of its birth with exclusive brands, channels, services and experiences.Unlike the regular endurance challenge, the “No batteries!”See the Real Chapter” endurance Challenge not only allows media friends and geometric car owners to deeply experience the endurance strength of geometric car, comprehensively demonstrates the product strength of geometric car, but also adds a unique element of “intangible cultural heritage cultural exploration” in the activity.Guzhen town, the site of the event – AnRen, with profound historical culture and the unique amorous feelings of the republic of China, known as the “China town” museum, geometry cars with the help of the ancient cultural advantages, characteristic culture, for the activity can assign, invite the guests to visit the museum of Chinese intangible oiled paper umbrella, together and participate in handmade, experience the intangible culture unique charm.Supporting the event are two main models of Geometry Motors — Geometry C Viggo series and Geometry A Pro.Among them, Geometry C Vigo series is a new model launched by Geometry Automobile in January this year, which continues geometry C’s product gene of “true battery life, true health, true safety”. The maximum pure battery life is up to 550KM, equipped with SEM intelligent energy management system, from five dimensions of energy storage, energy saving, energy recovery, energy control, and energy rise.Achieve ultra-low energy consumption, high precision energy control and efficient energy recovery.At the same time, GEOMETRY C also created the VCU mileage algorithm, integrating driving data, driving style and battery remaining power to calculate the mileage, which is more accurate than BMS relying on battery remaining power to calculate the mileage, truly achieve true mileage, not false standard.Geometry A Pro is positioned in the “true high energy safety pure electric car”, the main product features of true endurance and true safety.For the first time, it is equipped with the new Nickel 55 NCM523 battery, which has an energy density of 183Wh/kg, a battery pack capacity of 70kWh, and a BENCHMARK NEDC range of 600KM.And through bidirectional intelligent heat pump air conditioning, battery temperature control management and other leading configurations, effectively improve vehicle endurance, bring better performance.At the same time, geometry A Pro uphold the “all-domain safety” concept through the core layer, battery system layer, vehicle protection layer, test and verification layer, cloud big data layer five protection, to solve the safety anxiety of users, to bring users the most cost-effective pure electricity optimization.The two pure electric cars in the endurance challenge, both demonstrated the endurance strength and product quality of geometric car core.It is worth mentioning that in 2021, geometry A Pro and Geometry C won A total of 9 championships in the endurance challenges held by A number of professional automobile media in China.Among them, Geometry C won the championship in the “Party and Party Contest” held by Electric State for many times. In the “Red Alert why not — 10% electric power Limit Test Drive Camp”, Geometry C also drove 83.4km continuously under the extreme condition of 10% electric power remaining, reshaping users’ cognition of the “last 10%” electric power.In the winter endurance test of new energy vehicles held by Autolab Automotive Lab, Geometry C won the championship again with 13.28 KWH / 100 km power consumption.It can be seen from the tests of various dimensions, such as the authenticity of battery life, power consumption and the distance of remaining battery life, that the battery life of geometric Vehicles is undoubtedly ahead of the same class of vehicles, and even ahead of the market.In the pure electric vehicle consumer general endurance anxiety today, geometric automobile insight into the user pain points, with real endurance test results to bring consumers full confidence.At the same time, Geometric automobile also grasps the user’s thinking, deeply works on cabin health and safety, through CN95 filter element, AQS air quality management system and other configurations, real-time monitoring cabin air quality, to create a healthier cabin environment.In the formaldehyde test of AutoLab, geometric automobile formaldehyde test result is 8 times stricter than the national standard, achieved the first good result at the same level, strength interpretation of what is “real health”.In the future, Geometric automobile will always maintain the focus, pure and minimalist brand concept, continue the brand gene of “true battery life”, “true health”, “true safety”, create high-quality pure electric products for users, make “true friends” with users, and jointly explore the infinite possibilities of pure electric life.