The nucleic acid test in our region was successfully completed and all the sampling results were negative

2022-05-18 0 By

By 2200 hours, the 14-hour regional nucleic acid test in the whole region was successfully completed.According to the regional epidemic prevention and control headquarters, under the scientific command of the prefecture-county epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the coordination of all departments and units and the active support and participation of the general public, all counties (cities and districts) completed nucleic acid testing 10 hours ahead of schedule, and a total of 25,0709 samples were collected, all of which were negative.The regional nucleic acid detection depth to strengthen the nucleic acid detection command mechanism, improve the comprehensive coordination, fighters and risk prevention and control of epidemic prevention and medical treatment, social screening, flow back from the transport public opinion and propaganda work of actual combat ability, such as various points refers to according to the regional nucleic acid detection scheme deployment earnestly, close coordination,The expected goal of “successfully completing the regional nucleic acid detection task within 24 hours” has been achieved.It is understood that on the basis of doing a good job in regional nucleic acid testing, each sub-index will summarize and analyze existing problems, put forward targeted improvement measures, improve the testing scheme and operation process, check for deficiencies, effectively improve the capacity of large-scale nucleic acid testing, and create a good social environment for people’s production and life in the region.