He served as the first secretary of jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and later promoted to vice state level. He died at the age of 96

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Now among all the provinces in China, Jiangsu’s economic development can be said to be firmly in the top three.The development of Jiangsu lies not only in the whole province, but also in the development of each prefecture-level city below. Besides, the GDP of Jiangsu is growing every year. It can be said that Jiangsu still has great potential for future development.The development of Jiangsu to this level, there is a person’s contribution can not be ignored, he is Peng Chong.Peng zhong’s ancestors served as the first secretary of jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, during which time he devoted himself to jiangsu’s development plans and helped its people improve their production levels.And his decades of efforts, and finally let jiangsu’s economic outlook take on a new look.Peng Chong was born in 1915 in Zhangzhou, Fujian province. His revolutionary consciousness began early. When he was a teenager, he had already seen the status quo of China being invaded and oppressed by foreign powers.Later, as a student, he was introduced to Marxism and began to further his understanding of it through study.And it was out of the pursuit of Marxism that he took part in revolutionary work.At the age of 18, Peng joined the Youth League, and because of his outstanding performance, the organization considered him a reliable comrade and admitted him to the Party the following year.In the early 1930s, Peng Chong was engaged in underground work in his hometown, and had served as secretary of the Zhangzhou underground Party’s Youth League branch.At that time, when reactionaries were rampant, he led his comrades in passing on information to the organization in the most dangerous circumstances and propagating Marxist and revolutionary ideas to the broad masses of progressive youth.During this period, Peng also organized several student movements with her classmates.Soon after that, the organization made new arrangements for him.At first, he joined hongqiao Literary and Art Research Society, which was a progressive organization at that time.After joining the society, he and his comrades transformed it into a literary and artistic propaganda group led by a Party organization.In 1937, the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression broke out.Peng Chong and other party members led the troupe, vigorously in fujian area to carry out anti-japanese national salvation propaganda work, and after his efforts have not been in vain, he organized the people to save the country service group has been joined, personnel at the most, and even developed into 3,000 people anti-japanese organization.After that, Peng Chong entered the New Fourth Army and continued to do his famous propaganda work.In 1940, he was promoted to political commissar of the Independent Regiment of the sixth Division and made great contributions to the victory of the Anti-Japanese War with his comrades.During the War of Liberation, Peng Chong also experienced many important battles, including the famous Battle of the Central Soviet Union and the Battle of Lunan.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he made a lot of meritorious service was first arranged to do jiangsu provincial Party Committee standing Committee.In 1955, he was transferred to Nanjing and successively served as mayor and first Secretary of nanjing Municipal Party Committee.During his tenure, he attached great importance to nanjing’s production and construction, and regarded industry as an important industry to promote nanjing’s economic development.And peng Chong’s a series of measures, also made a great contribution to the economic development of Nanjing.He was treated unfairly during the unrest that followed, but with The help of Premier Zhou, he quickly recovered and became deputy party secretary of Jiangsu province in 1968.While working in Jiangsu, he and General Xu Shiyou completed the construction of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.In the process of engineering construction, he worked in the front line as executive deputy commander, eating, living and working with technicians and workers as well as PLA soldiers.It took seven months to complete the bridge, an achievement that shocked the world.Later, in 1974, Peng chong was promoted to be the first secretary of jiangsu Provincial Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China.In the economic construction of Jiangsu province, he led the people to reverse the decline of agricultural production at that time, and finally made jiangsu’s economy turn around, laying a foundation for the future development.After leaving Jiangsu, Peng chong was transferred to the Central Committee and served as a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee before being elected vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee in 1978.Sadly, Peng chong’s ancestors passed away in 2010 at the age of 96.However, although Peng Lao has been dead for many years now, his deeds and spirit will always be remembered by us.