We will deepen reform of the review and approval system to help construction projects increase speed and efficiency

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“In the past, it was the biggest headache for the company to go through the formalities. It took time and effort to go through several departments.Now good, do not have to run, much time and effort to deal with the project filing, construction engineering fire design review opinions and other approval procedures, now the policy and service is really good.”Recently, zibo feiyuan chemical co., LTD. 100 thousand tons/year glycerin refining project manager Liu Ping in the project about the framework, thermal oil furnace building construction project fire design review comments excited to say.Gaoqing County Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau has always taken optimizing the business environment as its goal and task, continuously promoted the reform of the examination and approval system of engineering construction projects, firmly established the working concept of “excellent service, simple examination and approval”, adhered to the problem-oriented approach, effectively improved the efficiency of the examination and approval service of investment projects, and provided accurate services for enterprises.Full coverage of approval items, the whole process is convenient and fast online.Relying on engineering construction project examination and approval administration system, through the way of online fusion each other, to implement construction projects from initiation to completion inspection and acceptance and public facilities access services online to handle the procedures for examination and approval of all service items, through business collaboration and data sharing, make enterprises the implementation “of time, and link reduction, materials, and running reduction, cost reduction”.Preferential enterprise policy to force again, enterprise service fee reduction.Insist on the blade inward, self-compression, actively implement the “zibo city government purchasing service guidance catalogue, dividend, sustained release reform reform items mass transfer efficiency, launched the construction drawing design review, energy audit, all the expenses for civil air defense design drawing review of preferential policies by the government to pay, cost savings for the enterprise.The time link is compressed again, and the quality and efficiency of approval is improved.We will actively promote the reform of the “list system + notification and commitment system” according to different items of examination and approval.Carry out the reform of “one certificate” comprehensive construction permit for construction projects;The completion of the acceptance of “one thing”, in response to the needs of enterprises to implement a phased joint acceptance, effectively improve the convenience of enterprises.Municipal Facilities Cooperation Office, project start time moved forward.In order to solve the plugging pain points of enterprises such as multiple declaration and repeated construction and excavation, the county administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau formulated the Implementation Plan of Gaoqing County Water, electric and Warm letter Cooperative Reporting and installation Process Reengineering (Interim), and comprehensively promoted the work of water, electric and warm letter cooperative reporting and installation throughout the county.By reducing the time limit, reducing the cost, reducing the links and simplifying the examination and approval, the working mode of “active intervention, special window application, joint reconnaissance, multi-map joint examination and joint acceptance” has been established to comprehensively improve the efficiency and service level of the installation and access of municipal public facilities.The service mechanism is more sound, and the feeling of enterprises is improved again.Gaoqing County issued the Implementation Plan of “Project Butler” Full chain VIP Service Mode “, set up a project butler service team, innovate the “1+8+N” service mode, provide enterprise start-up, project approval, construction permit, completion acceptance and other full chain VIP services;The service of “weekends without rest + appointment delay” is implemented to realize normal office work on weekends and holidays, provide undifferentiated services, and provide more efficient and convenient services for the masses of enterprises at any time.In the next step, Gaoqing County Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau will continue to lead the breakthrough with high standard positioning, break the development bottleneck with bold innovation, expand the service field by innovating service methods, reduce service links to the greatest extent, optimize the service process, and strive to promote the optimization of business environment to a new level.