New Kings: finding the genes of the gorgeous center, not liking the long shot becomes a big problem for the two core players

2022-05-16 0 By

Sabonis joined the first game, to the Timberwolves a good lesson.With 22 points, 14 rebounds and five assists, Sabonis made a pivot play that took the Kings back to the summer of 2000 when they played for Princeton.For one thing, the Kings’ deal seems like a winner’s pick.But considering the Minnesota timberwolves, the Kings’ new axis will have to go through the test of both time and super guard.Considering Sabonis jr. ‘s defensive prowess, and the western Conference’s elite ball handlers in Paul, Booker, Mitchell, Curry and Doncic, the Kings’ ceiling becomes less stable.The Kings’ front office has been magical, but these deals offer a glimpse of the thinking.Fox or Halliburton?Daron Fox had the last laugh in the competition, but he did have an ineffective season.Fox’s efficiency this season is at its lowest since his 2017-18 rookie season, when injuries have limited his production as a speedy guard.Inconsistent shooting has been a bigger problem this season, as he’s shooting 46 percent (overall), 26 percent (3-pointers) and 74 percent (free throws) from the field, a performance that hardly qualifies as a guard.But in the long run, form matters for the moment, and fox’s style and ceiling are the Kings’ concerns.In his fifth season in the league, Fox’s personal style can still be described as “reckless.”When fox first came to the NBA, speed was fox’s trademark, passing defenders in two steps and making the Kings firmly support him.Speed ensures the lower limit, but the upper limit of the speed guard must be guaranteed by the ball dealer.Fox, the “Junior Westbrook,” saw westbrook’s time with the Lakers as a quick guard, player and playmaker who never rose to the heights that injuries and years can take.That’s why Fox’s name has appeared on a few trade-related message boards, but the general response has been that the market isn’t hot.Teams prefer a good playmaker to a single player like a Ferrari, which in turn affects the way king works.Sabonis sharing the ball with Fox is going to be a big challenge. Playing with Fox, the Kings made a smart choice among the tradeable players.It’s hard to find a partner like Sabonis who has the ability to act as a pivot, to attack on his own.Sabonis averaged 19 points, 12.1 rebounds and five assists during the regular season.He is also in the top 10 in field goal percentage (57.8%).He has been a playmaking post player throughout his career.But given the modern offensive trend, Sampson is not a popular spacer.Receiving from beyond the three-point line is not an offensive threat and is a nuisance for teams in space.Sabonis is making 0.7 3-pointers per game, shooting 32.1 percent, but has made 35 so far this season.This performance, in the outside presence is not strong.As a playmaker, Sabonis gets the ball more than the average center, more than 20 percent during his time with the Pacers, even more than Halliburton did in the past.With Sabonis 32.1 percent and Daron Fox shooting 26.9 percent from 3-point range, the Kings’ interior core combined could not make two 3-pointers in a game.Before the Kings, several teams have shown just how tight a team can be offensively.If a role player is hot enough to win a game, a defensive strategy can often make life difficult for a team that lacks space once the “not good enough space” trait has been studied by the opponent.Could Sabonis and Fox form a stable, long-lasting chemical reaction?It’s hard to say.The Kings haven’t been very smart with their choices, missing Out on Doncic in 2018, Curry and Klay Thompson in 2009 and 2011, and Sabonis Jr. in 2016, but eventually brought the big man back in 2022.For King, abandoning Halliburton in favor of Fox guarantees that the deal will be under the microscope for a long time and will be repeated in the future.