Today’s four good news officially out!

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1, about the market overnight outside the stock market surged, with collective yesterday disk, accelerated the super fell rebound rhythm, since years ago, the last trading day of 3356 after stabilization, low market open straight upward pattern, the continuation of short-term concussion rebound didn’t stop, the gem is below a piece of the sun, reverse the Yin fell,Although there has been a rebound, but the overall trend is still relatively weak, hot rotation faster, in the absence of a continuous hot market to lead the case, it is necessary to be cautious!2, rare earth permanent magnet rare earth price index continuously hit a record high, in the end of November last year after the short-term top, open a downward trend, with the recent news: new energy vehicles, wind power, industrial motor, frequency conversion air conditioning and other emerging areas of strong demand, large magnetic enterprises orders increased significantly, generally full.Incremental supply is limited, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand chain inflationary expectations, rendering the downstream inventory is not high, the upstream rised situation, price trend has been formed, and difficult to reverse, it will inject new momentum strong, again for rare earth familiar with strong elder brother’s friend, we’ll start on Tuesday morning post has been clear about the direction of the opportunity,This time we are in advance to grasp the market up point!3, industrial machine with the “fourteenth five-year plan” into the intensive disclosure period.The plan points out that China will become a global leader in robot technology innovation, high-end manufacturing and integrated application by 2025, and achieve an average annual growth rate of more than 20% for the robot industry.The market satisfaction rate of intelligent manufacturing equipment and industrial software should reach 75% and 50%.Industrial machine (specialized special new) is more than virtual reality has a greater opportunity to obtain the policy dividend of the plate direction, the main reason is that this plate is in line with the national independent controllable and manufacturing oriented policy!Digital economy (data center) In the digital economy era, data as the core assets of enterprises, the importance of no doubt.The imminent publication of the EU data Bill sends a strong signal that the EU is serious about data governance.The digital Europe Project and the EU Data Strategy provide framework guidelines for deploying and opening up the public data space.Since then, a number of legal provisions such as The European Data Governance Regulation, The Regulation on the Free Flow of Personal Data and the Data Act have been issued successively, further strengthening the binding force of data sharing rules.About the afternoon market: with the Spring Festival away, the gradual return of popularity, as well as the withdrawal of funds, the whole market will return to the right track, 3356 points will become the low point in the next few months, the shock up is the general trend, the people will;The market positive signal has appeared, the most painful moment has passed, the rest is left to the market, let our account to the next level!