The Spring Festival anti-fraud not closed together to keep the “tiger” money bag

2022-05-15 0 By

In order to effectively enhance the ability of the masses to identify all kinds of telecommunications network fraud means, so that people have a happy and peaceful SPRING FESTIVAL, recently, duanzhou public security organization police into the area of large flow of shopping malls, squares to carry out the “SPRING FESTIVAL anti-fraud not closed, together with the” tiger “money bag” publicity activities.In the activity, the publicity police combined with the case with easy to understand the language to the past people in detail introduced the common types and common means of telecom network fraud, informed the masses to transfer money through the phone, verify the parties’ basic information, ID number, bank account number and other situations to maintain a high degree of vigilance.In case of suspicious situation and suspected fraud phone, communicate with family members, relatives and so on or dial 96110 alarm phone, so as not to suffer illegal infringement, do not easily believe strangers rhetoric and threatening threats.This activity, through the police face to face with the scene propaganda, further make up the area of the people to prevent telecom network fraud shortcomings, further strengthen the area of the people in the face of telecom network fraud fraud awareness, so that fraud, anti-fraud knowledge into thousands of households, together with the “tiger” people’s money bags.Article: Hong Yumei, Hou Xueting Photo: Editor: Sun Changxin