Super power, rich intelligence, tianyi co-create version let you like tiger add “yi”, comfortable work

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A careless Spring Festival holiday just like a tornado ended in a hurry.Start work afresh you, whether the mood still stays in long vacation cannot extricate oneself, suffering inadvertently go to work, whole body lack of power, inappetable “Spring Festival holiday syndrome” trouble!At this time, a car carrying the role of “transition” from home to the company is particularly important, and the 2022 Tianyi Co-creation version, with “home · space”, “strong · power”, “more · wisdom” three seconds, will help you “full blood resurrection” to return to efficient working state, comfortable start a new journey in the Year of the Tiger.Trick 1: home · space for company, a second to rekindle the struggle vitality for deeply experienced a warm home “working people”, suddenly switch the channel into the sense of the gap between complex work is easy to produce anxiety and neglect.2022 Tianyi Co-creation version by creating “home space” to enjoy the comfortable driving, perfect to undertake the temperature and enthusiasm of home.Among them, 2730mm at the same level of ultra-long wheelbase to lay the extra-large car width, fully guarantee the front and back legs, head space, comfortable sitting provides as comfortable as a sofa, but also brings the “formal” feeling in the work.More than that, the excellent NVH forest level quiet can also meet your New Year’s noisy “want to be quiet” needs.And with customers to create dark gray and elegant brown two more fashion sense of interior color, let you enjoy a comfortable visual sense, at the same time, feel the thick business atmosphere, a second to re-ignite the struggle of the workplace vitality.If you want to say goodbye to the “slack” factor during the long vacation, you must say goodbye to the muddy water at the moment you get on the bus and immerse yourself in the new drive.As a professional-grade comfortable SUV, the 2022 Tianyi Co-creation version combines with the leading 400THP turbocharged engine and Aixin 8-speed manual automatic transmission, which can output the maximum torque of 300N·m at 1900 RPM, and control is clean and extremely smooth.In addition, Citroen’s original PHC adaptive hydraulic stability technology combined with the master chassis adjustment, steady engine rhythm, so that you can return to the workplace “fast” full of blood, show wonderful strength.Clever idea 3: more · intelligent configuration assists, follow the mastery of the tiger to add wings “workers” in the flag of the Year of the Tiger, promotion and salary increase will be among them.In order to achieve your goals, you have to work every day with energy.And if you can experience the intelligent technology of “convenient and know you” in every commute, it will greatly stimulate the passion of work for a day.The 2022 Tianya Co-creation edition has a 12.3-inch full LCD color digital meter, five display modes, flexible display, rich information, eye satisfaction is big row;Intelligent keyless entry and one-button start, as soon as approaching the car body, it will automatically open the door for you, enter the car one-button start.There is also a convenient and cool electric tail door with foot sensor opening and closing, so that you can “not do it”, easily enjoy every ride.In addition, the continuous progress in work, naturally inseparable from the car’s daily security guards.Before the radar and 360° panoramic parking image, the detection range is wider, the imaging effect is clearer, through the “fire eye” let you see the obstacles, quickly help yourself to find the right “position”, the road to promotion is sure to win.It has to be said that for those who want to develop their career, the 2022 Tianyi Co-creation edition is undoubtedly a high quality choice for accelerating their career.And now to buy the 2022 Tianyi Co-creation version there are: 0 down payment to open a new plan, 0 interest rate 2 years interest-free, 1666 yuan ultra-low monthly payment, 60 ultra long term program and other policy options.At the same time, you can enjoy up to 5,000 yuan of value-added replacement gift and 5 years or 150,000 km of vehicle warranty.Such preferential intensity, who listened to not say: buy it!Say goodbye to holiday syndrome and return to work with full blood.I believe that in the New Year, accompanied by professional comfortable SUV — 2022 Tianyi Co-creation version, promotion and salary is not a dream, the journey of the Year of the Tiger is smooth.