Out of 6,500 welders, three men in their 50s came for interviews, none of them accepted

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The electric welder of 6500, there are 3 more than 50 years old brothers to interview today, the manager said: this batch of electric welder does not dare to use without academic background, the uncle said: mechanic you see academic background or technology?The manager asked them to try it on the spot, and when he saw the result, he did it.Near the end of the year, there are many welders in the factory. In order to get their wages, they go to the finance department early to settle accounts and leave, probably afraid that the boss will not pay them.At that time the boss asked this help welding master, why, so rush to leave.Why don’t you stay with the company?They said: Someone in the factory said that the company has been in a loss, so we are afraid that the company has no money to pay wages, so we settle the accounts in advance, so as not to get wages after the Chinese New Year.When the boss heard this, he immediately became angry, because the company had been doing so well. The performance was 20 percent higher than last year, but it was still in the red.After the teacher left, in order to investigate the matter, the boss specially arranged the manager to inquire about it. After three days of investigation, it was found that the rumor was done by Old Liu, but he left his job before the teacher.As for why Old Liu damaged the reputation of the company so much when he was just a few months old, the manager said: This old Liu was sent by a competitor, so he came up with this method because he could not win our company.Hear here, I understand, the original welding master listened to the old Liu’s slanders go, this matter, the manager has been very concerned about the welder’s education, the manager thinks, before this several welding master, no judgment ability, is to listen to the wind is the wind of this kind of people.Put their judgment and education hook, the manager felt that the lower the degree of the people, the more likely to be touted by the small people, so the manager asked me to recruit welders to make up for the rest of the company, but also deliberately asked me to technical positions, at least to college degree, or I leave.I heard the manager say that, as a worker, you can only carry out his orders.Just last week, I published the recruitment information of the company, welder this kind of technical job, very few people, may be related to the scarcity of blue-collar, after all, in today’s time, people think white-collar work is a good job, resulting in the number of blue-collar workers greatly reduced, this is the reason why I find it difficult to recruit welders.After a week of recruitment, I found that none of the applicants sent resumes, may be related to the manager’s high requirements, after all, college students generally dislike this kind of technical work, how could they do this kind of work.Then, in order to complete the task, I removed the educational background of the recruitment information. Today, three brothers came to the interview. Their educational background is basically from junior high school, but they have more than 20 years of welding experience, so I am interested in them.I booked them for an interview at 11 o ‘clock.I looked at their resumes in the conference room. The oldest one is 55 and the youngest one is 50. As for ability, it can only be measured through practice, because this is a technical job.But before the actual operation, the manager took out these several interview questions to them, to see how their written test ability: ① What is the purpose of steel annealing?(2) Spatter is the main disadvantage of carbon dioxide gas welding (3) The principle of welding do you know?On a few pen test questions, the result they can not, with respect to their level of this answer, the manager is not satisfied with them, ask them what academic record?These 3 elder brothers say: some finish primary school 6 grade do not read, some read junior high school did not read.The manager saw that their education level was so low that he began to be impatient. He tacitly acknowledged that their skills were not good and told them to go back and wait for the notice. The other two applicants, seeing what the manager said, left directly.Lao Chen was the only one left for the job. He said, “Do you look for educational background or technical skills as a welder in your company?I’m here. Let me try it.Within 30 minutes, Chen put on the equipment and welded to the tool. From the result, Chen could successfully complete the welding task given by the manager, but the details of the work were not good.Moreover, without his own opinions during the interview, the manager dared not hire him and told him to leave.Then I asked the manager what it was for, the welder, as long as he worked.The manager said, “We don’t hire the three of them, not because of their deep technical mastery, after all, they have been engaged in more than 20 years, they are certainly competent for the work, I mainly test their independent opinions, to see whether they have their own judgment ability.Because the company suffered a loss caused by rumors made by villains last time, the main reason was that the workers didn’t have their own ideas and were easy to trust others’ words, so I improved my skills to a higher level.Hearing this, I understand.My point of view is as follows: ① In the workplace, you should not believe what others say, which is responsible for yourself, but also for others.Our competitor sent a man to work in our company. We did not know that this man was sent by the competitor at that time. We trusted Lao Liu very much at work, but unexpectedly, he made trouble in the company, so that several welding masters of the company listened to his words and chose to leave, causing a bad influence on the company.From this point, the judgment of technical workers really have no, easy to believe the words of the villain, after all, the company has never defaulted on their wages, they will be a word.So in the face of this kind of people, colleagues must have their own judgment.② For blue-collar jobs, technology comes first.The difference between blue-collar and white-collar work lies in the office environment. In fact, white-collar work treatment is not as high as blue-collar work, which shows that there are fewer blue-collar jobs, resulting in a rise in technical wages.Therefore, HR should put technology in the first place when recruiting blue-collar workers. After all, those engaged in blue-collar jobs are the brothers who have not studied for several years.