Hiding the trip, beating epidemic prevention personnel, provoking trouble with knives, forging nucleic acid reports, four typical cases involved in the epidemic thought-provoking

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Refusing to comply with the reporting and nucleic acid testing requirements when entering a community knowing that they are close contacts who may be infected with COVID-19, leading to the spread of the epidemic;When entering Shanxi from abroad, he abused epidemic prevention workers, smashed items, chased and threatened police and people with knives.In order to further guide the public to abide by relevant laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control and consolidate the hard-won epidemic prevention and control achievements, the Provincial People’s Procuratorate announced four typical COVID-19 cases on the evening of April 6.On February 19 this year, A man surnamed Wang knew that Hohhot city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was seriously affected by COVID-19, and many places were identified as medium-risk areas, and people could not go out at will, but in order to avoid inspection rented Jin A license plate vehicle, he drove from Hohhot to Taiyuan, Shanxi.After arriving, Wang did not comply with the epidemic prevention and control reporting system, did not take nucleic acid test in time, and repeatedly went to the school and nearby crowded places to stay and activities.At midnight on February 21, Wang learned that his family members living in Hohhot had been diagnosed, but they had not reported the case to taiyuan’s epidemic prevention and control department.In the afternoon, Wang appeared in the body after suspected symptoms and avoid the highway, through 108 national road to Xinzhou City, and many times to densely populated places to stay, activities, leading to xinzhou Xinfu district many areas were sealed control, control, many people were isolated.Wang was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Feb 22.When the taiyuan CDC and other relevant departments verified the situation, Wang did not truthfully report the itinerary and concealed the itinerary and activity track of selling books in two middle schools in Taiyuan, which delayed the epidemic prevention and control work. Finally, 5 students were infected, and many people were isolated and the place was closed.On February 24, Xinzhou police suspected of obstruction of infectious disease prevention crime on file for investigation, the prosecution synchronized advance intervention.On the night of February 27, three epidemic prevention and control workers performed their duties in accordance with the law at the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint in Shengdi Village, Lishi District, Luliang City, checking the travel codes, health codes and registration information of people passing by.That night, Liu and Zhao drove through the checkpoint after drinking, did not cooperate with the inspection, refused to register personal information, and had a dispute with the epidemic prevention staff, using isolation pier, bench beating staff, resulting in three people injured in hospital.Two epidemic prevention workers were identified as having minor injuries, while the other had acute traumatic headache and multiple contusions.At the same time, Liu, Zhao’s behavior caused the checkpoint property losses of more than 500 yuan.On March 16, the Lishi District Procuratorate launched a public prosecution of the case.March 24, the court to interfere with the crime of public service, respectively sentenced to liu, Zhao mou 1 year 5 months in prison and 1 year.Ren once went fishing on the high seas with the ship, and was quarantined in Fujian province according to regulations after returning home.January 19 this year, Ren mou returned from Fujian province qinshui County.According to regulations on epidemic prevention and control, the local epidemic prevention and control office sent him to a centralized isolation place for quarantine.From 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. the next day, Ren abused the epidemic prevention personnel on wechat group after failing to ask for a lighter, and broke the TV set, table, chair and thermos flask in his room. After breaking the window of the corridor, ren fled the quarantine area and returned to his home, refusing to comply with the request to return to the quarantine center.After an investigation, the OFFICE of Epidemic Prevention and Control required Ren to stay at home and install monitoring equipment.At about 11 PM on January 25, Ren had an argument with his sister over trifles after drinking at home.Ren’s sister did not want to stay at home and wanted to leave. Ren was afraid of being discovered by the epidemic prevention department, so she broke the monitoring equipment and destroyed the corridor door and window glass of the community.Police arrived at the disposal, Ren mou not only abused the police, threw a bottle to the police, but also with a kitchen knife chasing, threatening police and the masses.After that, Ren jumped over the fence and left the neighborhood, smashed the Windows of the village committee office and clinic, and kicked the door of the police station.On February 3, Qinshui police to the crime of picking a fight and provoking trouble on file for investigation, the prosecution involved in the investigation, guidance forensics.On February 16, Qinshui County procuratorate approved the arrest of some ren.Forge the nucleic acid report in late August 2021, due to line up for a long time in the hospital for nucleic acid testing, LAN county, luliang city a coal transport truck driver will find a local video studio operators Liang Mou think method, and provides with a LAN county people’s hospital of nucleic acid testing special seal for real nucleic acid testing report, asking whether Liang Mou can modify the nucleic acid testing report on time.Considering the risk that modifying the nucleic acid test report could lead to the spread of the virus, Liang believed that the local area was a low-risk area and would be profitable. He falsified the test report and charged the driver 5 yuan by modifying the test time and copying the doctor’s signature.Later, the driver sent the message that Liang could forge the nucleic acid test report to the wechat group of his peers. Many drivers then sent the relevant information to Liang through wechat and asked him to make forged nucleic acid test report.From August to October 2021, Liang forged 621 nucleic acid test reports for 252 people by using the above means, making an illegal profit of 3,105 yuan.In February this year, the LAN County procuratorate filed a public prosecution, Liang was sentenced to one year and a half in prison for forging the seal of a public institution and fined 6,000 yuan.In the process of handling the case, the procuratorial organ aimed at the above problems, to the county public Security Bureau, LAN County health bureau issued procuratorial suggestions.After the investigation, the public security organs provided the household registration information of those who used false nucleic acid test reports to the Health and Physical Education Bureau and the CDC. Nucleic acid tests were conducted on all the drivers involved, and all the results were negative.LAN County People’s Hospital added anti-counterfeit labels to nucleic acid test reports, further improving epidemic prevention and control measures.Source: Taiyuan Daily news gathering center reporter Liu Youwang