Central media to see Wuhan | Yue King Goujian sword into the “mansion” to visit the hot new technology uncovered “millennium rust” mystery

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Since the Spring Festival, hubei provincial museum booking hot.With the completion and opening of the third phase of the exhibition hall, Gou Jian, the “treasure of the town museum”, moved to a “new home” and became the first national treasure with a “mansion” in the museum.In the 400-square-meter exhibition hall, text display boards, interactive touch screens, audio-visual materials and other diversified ways, fully display the king’s style of “the best sword in the world”.Its “chu mystery”, why “thousands of years of rust”, more tourists around the search for answers.Jiang Xudong, curator of cultural relics of Hubei Provincial Museum, recently told reporters the story of “solving the mystery” for cultural relics with the help of modern scientific and technological equipment.Jiang Xudong, who graduated from Wuhan University with a PhD in materials physics, joined the Hubei Provincial Museum in 2013.Referring to King Goujian of Yue, Jiang Xudong sighed “fortunately caught up with the opportunity”.As a national first-class cultural relic, goujian sword of King Yue seldom has the chance to be taken out for scientific research.He introduces, at the beginning to shoot through a cultural show, study with the work team, with a microscope to king goujian sword taken thousands of pictures, joining together to complete a larger version, enlarged observation, surprise found to render the blade metallographic structure of the branch crystal, thus revealing goujian sword blade and the blade is a body cast.Jiang and his team then used advanced nondestructive testing equipment to further analyze the alloy composition of the sword, which showed less than 0.1 percent lead.Jiang pointed out that this shows that the jian was made of high-grade copper with high purity, which is the primary reason why it has not been rotten for thousands of years.After various research and research, he also proposed that the protection of the sword sheath and the good sealing of the underwater burial environment are also important factors for its longevity.At present, more and more scientific and technological equipment is applied in the field of cultural relics research and protection, providing scientific support for restoring cultural relics and revealing the mystery of cultural relics.Jiang Xudong introduced that the digital restoration of the second zun disk of Marquis Zeng is under way at present.As the most complicated bronze ware in China so far, Zeng Yizun plate adopted a variety of casting techniques, among which the hollow decoration on the mouth edge adopted the most advanced investment casting method at that time.Using techniques such as scanning and imaging, it is now possible to glimpse its internal structure, Jiang said.In the future, the production process will be studied on the basis of digital restoration, and accurate reference will be provided for its reproduction production.Hubei province is a large province of cultural relics, the number of relics collected in hubei museum is especially bronze ware.Compared with painting, calligraphy and ancient books, the structure of bronze ware is complex, and its repair covers cleaning, rust removal, correction, make-up, welding (bonding), corrosion prevention, sealing and aging, jiang said.For restorers, filling gaps is the most challenging task, and they need to master multi-disciplinary background knowledge to truly “restore” cultural relics to the maximum extent.’Every cultural relic has its life span, and aging is inevitable,’ Mr. Jiang said.Their lifelong goal is to “prolong the life” of cultural relics on the basis of protecting their safety and authenticity through various methods.Jiang xudong said that as the “person behind” cultural relics, he hopes to create a boutique cultural relics restoration exhibition in the future, showing the story behind the restoration and protection of cultural relics to the audience.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com