A low-key ancient town in Guizhou province, you can take a boat and eat sour soup for just 1 yuan

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Colorful guizhou, mysterious Guizhou, Guizhou has always been a relatively low-key province, so it has always given people a mysterious feeling.Every day we come to Guizhou, we are looking for treasure. There are always unexpected surprises waiting for us.Leaving the Bridge of the Sky, we continue our journey, as we are now on our way home, so our progress will be fast.Today, our destination is a low-key ancient town in Guizhou province. It is a place with a history of 2000 years, which is also called by many people as “the most suitable place for eloping” — Zhen Ancient Town.Another special feature of Zhenyuan ancient Town is that it is also the county center of Zhenyuan County. Zhenyuan People’s Daily life and production are also here, where they are confronted with ancient fragrance, small Bridges and flowing water every day.This kind of life really makes me envy, a county is a 5A scenic spot, not the only one, at least it is very rare.When I heard the name “Ancient Town”, I felt very friendly, like the name of ancient town in the north.The town is far away, and the shock is far away, which makes me think of more scenes of grassland and desert. It is really unable to contact such a delicate guizhou water town.Town ancient town originally called “vertical eye Datian Creek hole”, belongs to the “ghost side”.Until the Song Dynasty, there was the name Zhenyuan.Zhenyuan has long been known as “yunnan and Chu key, the gateway to the east of Guizhou,” said the history books: according to Yunnan and Chu, will occupy Zhenyuan;To pass the yungui, first keep the town.Because it is located in the traffic artery, the terrain is dangerous, so it is very important to occupy the town, here is also a battle.The highlight of Zhenyuan ancient town lies in the river, which endows the town with aura and is also a natural landscape. It is not difficult for us to find the shock from the aerial view.Zhenyuan ancient town is in a very special environment, the whole town is surrounded by mountains, wuyang River through the town, out of an “S” shaped curve.On the north bank is the old fucheng, and on the south bank is the old Acropolis.Since the town is bisected by the river, boats are the main means of transportation.There are bus nature of the boat, there are also ornamental nature of the boat, sit on the boat, as if he has become a part of the ancient town, floating on the Wuyang River, relaxed and comfortable.We walk all the way along the Wuyang River, trance between a look up, feel all the buildings on the other side like directly built in the river, the ripples of the river reflected the distant castle peak, houses, Bridges, true and false, all the scenery integrated, let a person fell into this natural ink painting.In Zhenyuan ancient town, there is a very famous word, is “crooked”, this word is a derogatory term, but in Zhenyuan, this word is a commendatory term.The word can be used to describe many ancient dwellings and alleys in the far part of the town.The gate and the street are not vertical or parallel, but deliberately tilted, so they are called “crooked roads”. People living here say that the “crooked” and “slanting” are in accordance with the feng Shui master’s saying: “South is the respect” is a kind of wealth and prosperity, but also can “wealth does not show white”.The two towns divided into two parts of Zhenyuan ancient town were built in Ming Dynasty. Most of the dwellings in the ancient town were adapted to local conditions. The prototype of central Plains quadrangle courtyard was moved to the mountain and transformed into hill houses, stilted buildings, cloisters and other forms of villa courtyards.It not only reproduces the style of jiangnan courtyard, but also reflects the layout of mountain architecture.Both fortress-style fortification, and both merchant magnate.Here is also a hot place for letters, “the scholars” there are 3 are back in town ancient town, Lin zexu, three times through town far, also wrote a poem describing town far landform: “two mountain brook brook evil, always fall bottom smoke chisel, pedestrians in hillshade creek, the body is not falling bravery has”.The most beautiful moment of Zhenyuan ancient town is when night falls, and the lanterns and decorations along the banks of the river pull the tourists back to day from night in an instant. People enjoy the beautiful scenery, but of course they can not forget the food.The most characteristic here is sour soup, sour beef soup, sour fish soup let a person sound on the outflow of saliva.Sour soup has a subtle distinction, the most common is red sour soup and white sour soup, the white sour soup is relatively simple to make, is made of rice fermentation, red sour soup is a guizhou characteristic plant – MAO Spicy fruit, is a special sour small tomato, with it made of soup rich flavor, lips and teeth leave fragrance.Town ancient town can play can see can eat a lot of things, to play well, here is the best to stay for two or three days to experience here another style.