3-2 reverse Korea!China won the Asian Football Cup, the coach changed team effective, five-star red flag flying

2022-05-15 0 By

3-2!Chinese women’s football team faced South Korea in the Final of the Asian Cup at 19 PM on Feb 6.However, The Chinese women’s football team was very passive in the first half, conceding two goals in a row, and falling 2-0 down.Some fans think that Wang Shanshan will be put into the position of the guard, is a way to fail.After all, she is a strike killer, and she is difficult to show in the defensive line.The midfield, Shui Qingxia directly change the array, Lou Jiahui and Wu Chengshu were replaced, Zhang Rui and Xiao Yuyi!At this time wang Shanshan is still in the back line.The 60th minute, Wang Shuang was replaced, it seems that the injury effect is more obvious, China did not control the midfield, But South Korea formed a dominant.The 66th minute, Zhang Linyan substitute debut effect is very good, shot to create the opponent’s first goal, Tang Jiali kicks in, 1-2!The 71st minute, Tang Jiali sent an assist, Zhang Linyan hit a header score, 2-2!Shui Qingxia excited roar!The race hope is back!The Korean team then intensified their attack, but failed to score.The 2nd minute of added time, Sun Huajuan volley volley, Zhu Yu send a god flutter!Close shot, too dangerous!Fortunately, Zhu Yu thought concentration, did not give the opportunity!The penultimate 2 minutes, Wang Shanshan sent out an assist, Xiao Yuyi scored, single blade no offside!The goal was effective, the Chinese women’s football team achieved a 3-2 lead and a great comeback, and won the Asian championship after 16 years.This game can complete let two chase three, with everyone do not abandon, do not give up the spirit has a direct relationship.Congratulations to the Chinese women’s soccer team, Shui Qingxia’s changeover worked and the players threw her into the air.Five star red flag flying in the Asian Cup stadium, I love you China.