Close guard, smooth “last mile” of Urban elderly care Service

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Since Shanghai launched the “pension consultant” system in May 2018, Fengcheng Town has set up 49 pension consultants to cover all villages and 54 professional pension consultants to explain pension service policies and customize service lists for the elderly in need.Effectively promote the information symmetry of supply and demand of old-age care, and comprehensively promote the optimal allocation of old-age care resources.Chen Lihua is a pension consultant of Humincun Pension Consultant Point. She is earnest and responsible in her work, warm-hearted, and well versed in all kinds of elderly resources. She is worthy of the name “policy expert”.Every working day, she will be at the pension consultant point, waiting for the elderly and their families to visit or call to consult all kinds of pension services related problems, to solve their worries and difficulties.Brainstorm solutions to difficult problems
A 93-year-old woman, surnamed Gong, suffered a severe hip fracture from a fall and became incontinent, paralyzed in bed and unable to take care of herself.His daughter to the village pension consultant point consultation, whether there are relevant relief policies can enjoy.Chen Lihua carefully listened to the family’s appeal and proposed the following plan: first apply for low income, and then apply for medical assistance after the examination and approval. In addition, according to the doctor’s medical records, submit relevant information to apply for diapers.In this way, the financial pressure of the family was greatly reduced through medical assistance, and the diaper problem of the elderly was also solved.Gong’s daughter was very satisfied with the plan and followed it.Prepare materials, submit and review……Chen Lihua was concerned about the progress of each link, and the whole process went smoothly. Grandma Gong received the diaper as she wanted, and the old man and her daughter had smiles on their faces.Chen lihua will also visit the elderly from time to time to learn about the latest condition and ask if there are any new difficulties that need to be solved.The policy of promoting economic cooperation with urgency
Pan, 70, did not know what to do due to the relocation of the liquefied natural gas station used in his home, so he came to the village pension consultant for help.Chen Lihua immediately consulted the relevant departments whether the site can be changed, after receiving a positive reply, to help Pan to choose the right site, and complete the change.Chen Lihua learned in the follow-up conversation that Pan met the application conditions of liquefied natural gas free distribution card, and introduced relevant policies to him:”Old man, you see, after dealing with this card, the liquefied gas site will send gas to the door, free of charge, and can be installed for you cylinder, pressure reducing valve, gas equipment for safety inspection, the first service is also free to provide a set of pressure reducing valve, rubber hose and clamp in line with national standards.”After hearing this, Old Man Pan said he wanted to apply for this service.But in the application process, it was found that the LPG use certificate had been lost, Chen Lihua called the relevant department again, and with her help, the old man pan handled a new LPG use certificate, and did a good job of registration.To the unified application of liquefied gas free distribution card every year, you can inform pan for the old man.Chen is just a microcosm of numerous pension advisers, they for the elderly health, economic conditions and other kinds of factors endowment services overall planning, recommend optimization scheme, effectively break the endowment service resources “information barriers”, for the elderly to provide advisory services and more choices space, more pension services more precise temperature.Submitted by: Fengxian Civil Affairs Editor: Wu Yan Shangguan Number author: Shanghai Fengxian