Young athletes in Tonghua watch the Winter Olympics with dreams in their hearts

2022-05-13 0 By

The Beijing 2022 Olympics is picking up, as the hometown of ski tonghua city also cultivate the excellent skier in winter to the nation, tonghua people’s eyes are focused on the field, from winter tube center small alpine skiing athletes is not exceptional also, they are watching the winter Olympic Games at the same time, but also the honor for the country,The seeds of the Olympic dream were planted in my heart.On February 11, the reporter comes to tonghua cross-country training base in the dining room, two dozen small athletes under the guidance of the coach watched Beijing Olympic alpine skiing competition, athletes Xu Mingfu, even inscription on behalf of the Chinese in jilin province, small athletes intently staring at the television screen, when even the moment of inscription successfully finished the race,The whole canteen broke out in warm applause.The youngest of these alpine skiing athletes is 10 years old, the oldest is 15 years old. They have not been engaged in skiing for a long time. The high-quality competition in the Winter Olympics has broadened their horizon, and they can find their own shortcomings through watching the competition under the guidance of the coach.”I was a bit scared when I first started training, but not so much now.I thought they were too good when I watched the game.I am not even half as skilled as them, so I will train harder in the future and hope to be like them in the Winter Olympics.”Wang Jun, a young athlete, is looking forward to the future.Looking at their teachers can stand on the field of the Winter Olympic Games for the country, the young athletes are very excited, for their future sports career set up a new goal.”I love alpine skiing very much. I didn’t dare to slide down at the beginning, but gradually I felt I could.I think these two big brothers of Tonghua are very good skiers.I will surpass them through hard training!”Small athlete Wang Xiao ran patted his chest firmly said.Alpine skiing coach Qin Jiangxu told reporters, the Winter Olympics for young athletes from both psychological and technical motivation is obvious, he hoped that the children can through the Winter Olympics to establish their ideals, continue to be full of enthusiasm into training, the future stand in a higher stage.”We organized young athletes to watch the men’s slalom at the Winter Olympics, so that they could not only see zhang Yangming and Xu Mingfu, but also see the world’s top techniques,” qin said.It’s an inspiration for junior alpine athletes and helps them grow up as quickly as possible.”Scan wechat: Click “Discover” in the share wechat, scan the QR code to share this article to moments of friends.