4 signs that are sweet when in love, but not suitable for marriage

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If a person has a keen sense of observation, then he is sure to notice a lot of small things, whether it is work or work.Love is sweet, but not the companion of marriage.So if you see an attractive man or woman creating a lot of loneliness for themselves, don’t assume he’s a bachelor. He may just be a fish looking for a lonely destiny.The relationship between Cancer and Pisces is very similar. They are both affectionate and righteous people. They love each other very much and regard each other as the most important person in their life.Pisces is actually a tit for tit person, even if they pretend nothing happened on the surface, but in their heart, will scold the other party belongs to the dog blood drench head, and then find the opportunity to revenge.Love is sweet, but not happy.Striker powerfully don’t want to want to the feelings of before, they will try every way to get rid of the feelings of the past, enjoy happiness, while striker powerfully will actively pursue your own happiness, they can follow one’s inclinations do you want to do things, is another matter, but in one striker powerfully miss the warmth of the past, don’t want to let others misunderstanding their fragile,That’s why he’s trying to be so tough.When love is lost, there will be endless feelings, there will be endless feelings, whether it is hysterical, whether it is heartbreaking, they will go through it once.Although all women know they are philantryous, all of them think they can stop them, but when they get married, they find that their idea is just an illusion, they will not be committed to marriage.Love is sweet, but not marriage.Cancer Therefore, everyone around you may think cancer doesn’t cry, but in fact, cancer hides his cares well.The same goes for Cancer, who wants to be able to bring joy to their loved one, and who wants to be by their side all the time.Cancer is still a bit lazy. Perhaps they don’t want to put their energy into work. They want to spend time with their family, play together and enjoy their extended family.Love is sweet, but not marriage.Although Libra people are nice and many people fall in love with them, they still can’t get rid of their feelings, even if they break up, they will rebuild their relationship with their ex.Cancer is a very have feminine taste, they all compliments can be used in their body, their gentle temperament, to anyone diffuseness, perhaps they are reserved at the beginning, does not take the initiative to speak, but with the time long, their maternal light will naturally outpouring, let a person feel very comfortable,You may even be attracted to them unconsciously.Their family is more important than their life, they also want a family care, because they are the most caring people in the zodiac, and they are also very nice and polite, which is why they like Libra.