May Day to shandong Rizhao travel to see the sea strategy, route to share

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Another spring flowers to rizhao to see the sea!May Day before sunshine tourism is small is a small skill, can effectively avoid more people look at my travel plan!To do high-speed rail, you can choose bus or taxi after rizhao West Station (road crazy treasure is best to take a taxi). The accommodation is in Huijin Fishing family. First, the price is relatively cheaper than urban areas;Second, it is close to the sea and convenient to rush to the beach tomorrow morning to see the sunrise (new Jinwang fisherman, before living also good!Travel: I made a case from south to north: Rizhao Liujiawan Seaside Park: one of the pleasures of the seaside is catching the sea, but catching the sea is a small skill.Choose good time don’t miss this is better to ask the local residents, they are very welcome to passenger questions, when you see some never seen little animals can not too happy, to the iron juice a tip: salt with clam has a good effect oh) sunshine square mouth scenic spot: remember well is the no. 3 door oh ~ many clap a large wedding photograph, which partners can refuse!!There are fake coconut trees I believe will give you the illusion of being in Sanya, there is a pledge of eternal love stone, open your horizon ha ha ha Rizhao third beach:Bathing beach ah family, the bathing beach here fried chicken clean, and the water is not urgent safety first, like to play in the water family don’t miss ha, to prevent sunburn remember to do sunscreen measures and bring good clothes can not swim partners bring swimming rings, Rizhao Forest Park:What do you want to be free tickets dalai (sight-seeing cars like the other fees) as if place oneself in the fairy tale forest, and for the shade enough without fear of the sun, enjoy the natural cool, healthy and satisfied, and simply don’t like it, and friends in this picnic meal can also be ❗ but hey ~ don’t leave your trash to protect the environment it ❗ so that we can see more beautiful forest park to eat:Dinner recommendation: Chocolate fisherman: this sound is hot, must not step on thunder want to eat sunshine authentic this flavor to choose this is right, I fried chicken like his steam seafood pot before wang Yuan seafood restaurant: let you experience the original taste of seafood on a word summary: fresh ❗ his characteristics:Fresh ingredients, service details, the value of the value of the snack recommendation: “Dongyi town snacks” “University city night market snacks” MY favorite part is to eat snacks, I recommend everyone to taste ha I do is to share, the rest will rely on treasure children move their hands to collect