Dream linkage!Ning king and RNG old will fit, GNR goal only one, is to win

2022-05-12 0 By

Balsam pear original, reproduction will investigate!Bitter melon e-sports – let you experience a different e-sports anchor circle!For LOL fans are hot on LPL event wonderful, that’s for sure can’t miss it, of course, in addition to the official tournament, the activities of the platform competition also is very attract netizens, speaking from a certain Angle, platform activity event topic rather taller, after all, is the big showdown between the host, there are a lot of enmity.Focus on platform activity events are clear, a recent events but is well worth watching, that’s the elephant tusk prominence cup, at present is also came to the second, although only activity events, but really value is not low, are all elder brother, and then retired player and wait for the opportunity to play the players, including wild Wang Ningwang.For Ning Wang, everyone is too familiar, LPL’s first WORLD FMVP playing wild player, back to that year, really is for his blood Shouting, too passionate, and LOL canyon, still have his bible, weak play wild meme, very interesting.Now ning Wang, focus on the live broadcast, it is worth mentioning that his heart is still in the professional arena, just waiting for the right opportunity, the weak team does not want to go, since back, it must be a champion impact, this is the principle of the champion playing wild.Since the game can’t go back temporarily, we can participate in the platform event, and this time the good brother gesture is using human kindness, GNR is participating in the elephant cup, just need a gaili to fight wild, king Ning is coming.For the fans of IG and RNG, this wave of dream linkage really tears eyes, did not expect IG and RNG would unite in such a situation, not easy, but also a simple dream come true.As for why he invited Ning Wang warmly, seeing this record, it is clear that Ning Wang has always been very demanding of himself. The consecutive wins in high-end hanbok games have proved his strength, and it is not a problem to return to his career.In the elephant cup training competition, Ning Wang’s playing wild is really the best way to give ning Wang the song of C posture.Even if opponents Ban a lot of wild, Ning wang can still fly, this is the strength of champion wild, very strong.GNR this luxury lineup, the goal is only one, is the champion, you see?I am bitter melon, I bring my own salt!(Without oil)