Day 27 who raised the betrothal price

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Back home for the Spring Festival, upset the rhythm.I didn’t update my official number. I stopped running for a few days.Go back to Wuhan today, keep looking!There is a cousin back home, more than thirty, not married.My mother said that a girlfriend she had talked about before broke up because of the bride price issue, which means that other people’s bride price is too high.My cousin’s family is an ordinary family in the countryside. The year before last, he paid a down payment loan to buy a house in the city.I thought it would be easier to get married after I had a house, but people still want 200,000 yuan.His family has borrowed some money from relatives to buy a house, and the bride price is really not enough.Two talked several times did not talk close, yellow!My cousin is of average ability and has not saved any money after years of work.The family saved up and bought a house for him.In the countryside, parents with a few points.The son is very young in preparation, otherwise when the son is old, he will face the embarrassment of being single.No, I don’t feel sorry for him.It certainly serves you right if you don’t work hard, get old, and prepare poorly at home.These years, when it comes to bride price.Many filar silk gnash teeth, scold people sell daughter.There are also people very evil have its matter of example to say the bride price is how to come, scrape together a bunch of their own don’t understand the calf.Round and round to express the meaning is: the bride price is wrong, three hundred and fifty thousand has been very much, more than one hundred thousand pure robbery.The bride price is actually beneficial to the man, some people are very ordinary, grow generally also dumb, under normal circumstances is not willing to marry him.Now he can get a wife by paying hundreds of thousands of dowry, and he wants to thank dowry.Teacher Mimeng said long ago: men should thank women for money worship, because they like money, you can make money through their own efforts, and then get married and have children.If they all like handsome, do you go plastic surgery?They all like tall ones. Are you getting your legs?They all like pussy. Are you going to be a therapist?Dowry is necessary, is the so-called sky-high dowry reasonable?Of course it makes sense, because love and marriage are free.No one has ever forced you, if you think the betrothal price is too high, you can completely refuse.Free choice, if you’re willing to pay the money, of course you think it’s a good deal, that makes sense.Do all the girls demand sky-high bride price?Of course not. There are a lot of them, and some of them will be sold upside down.Like someone who gets a sports car for every boyfriend.Why don’t you find someone who doesn’t want a bride price?No?It’s because you can’t live up to other expectations!Back to the question, is the 200,000 dowry a girl’s choice?Many people grow brains just to eat and say yes without thinking.Of course not, if the bride gift is decided completely by the girl, why does his girlfriend not want 10 million?In the dating market, men compete with men and women compete with women.Men and women never compete!Economics tells us that the price of goods is determined by supply and demand.In China, where there are more men than women, a girl was taking a joke when she returned home for the Spring Festival and was arranged 23 blind dates in one day.A dozen men are waiting in line at the door!Next door cui flower single, village two dog son willing to give 100,000 bride price;Three dogs are willing to pay 200,000 yuan for the bride price.You want to kill them, you’ll have to pay $300,000.Does that make sense?It is not women who raise betrothal price at all, but men!So, next time someone scolded the bride price is too high.You let him curse the other singles around you!This is my 27/18,000 day of running and writing!