Jiangsu Jingjiang one day and night to find two “baby”!

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“If there is an old family, there is a treasure.”They like the tree, young for the family shelter, old should be taken care of by the younger generation, but the city public security Bureau new bridge police station police day and night to find two lost old man, which, there is negligence, episode, there is anxious……On February 15, the Lantern Festival, which is supposed to be the day of family reunion, an old couple rushed to xinqiao police station at 19pm, claiming that their 76-year-old cousin had left home after lunch and had not returned. They asked the police for help.The couple said the old man surnamed Yang, is a native of Ningbo, currently living in their home, Uncle Yang is not familiar with life, I do not know whether lost.Police while patient comfort, while quickly view the monitoring along the way, police in a number of monitoring pictures to see uncle Yang’s figure, found him aimlessly around, which increased the difficulty to find people.At 22 p.m., the police found a figure similar to Uncle Yang at the gate of a company in the new Bai Village, the police immediately drove to the scene, but found not to find Uncle Yang after the scene.In the middle of the night, the wandering in the roadside of the old man attracted the attention of the police, I saw the old man’s eyes dull, the body also came from the smell, the police asked its name, address, the old man hesitated to say do not understand, the police will be back to the old man, and through the inquiry to contact the old man’s son Mr. Feng.Soon, Mr. Feng came to the house, saw the lost father he repeatedly thanked the police: “if it weren’t for your timely return, I didn’t know my father was lost!”After the “small episode”, the police focused on continuing to find traces of Uncle Yang, the past night, boil red eyes of the police still closely staring at the mass monitoring picture.At about 11 am, the police received a call from a member of the public, saying that there was an old man wandering for a long time to the east of jianmin Supermarket in Lisi Bridge. He probably did not know the way home.Police rushed to the scene, found that the trance of the old man is they looked for a night of Uncle Yang.According to the police, the elderly man was walking around the neighborhood at 5am and didn’t notice it at the time. At noon, he noticed it was still there and called the police.Cold weather, the police will first uncle Yang back to the house, just a door, yesterday looking for husband and wife also went to the police station, see Uncle Yang after anxious husband and wife immediately smile, straight call “yesterday half life scared away, good to find someone.”The police remind: there are elderly people in the home, please place the family’s contact information in the elderly side, not necessary to let the elderly go out alone, beware of getting lost.Spring is cold, please add clothes to the elderly at home, but also pay more attention to them, so that they can feel the warmth of body and mind.