How can a parent help a child with bipolar disorder regain motivation?

2022-05-11 0 By

In school life, an accidental experience of winning honor will often make the adolescent visitor have a deviation in his understanding and have too high recognition of his own ability. When the brilliant achievement is mentioned in the future, there will be a gap in the child’s heart, resulting in emotional reaction.These emotional response if not sensed by the parents, parents tend to change greatly disappointed, scores of children blame or other errors education method, it can cause greater psychological impact on children, pathological and activated in the subconscious memory, let the child in the wrong cognition pattern and the performance of the psychological barriers.As their pathological memories were reorganized, emotional and behavioral problems decreased.When I see the state of the adolescent clients in the center for intervention and their relationship with their parents is getting better and better, I feel very happy every time.