District leaders to inspect and investigate the construction project of Wujin Dike

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On my first day on February 7, years later, deputy district cow is constructed to Wu Jindi highway, check hongshan district Wu Jindi new road maintenance engineering, Wu Jindi dike slope repair standard and protective renovation project, the promotion of project of dyke facilities maintenance situation, the scene heard the district water department and bureau of lakes, regional firms and qing ling street work report, and the New Year’s greetings to you.Niu Zhengke put forward new prospects and requirements for the maintenance and management of dikes in 2022. He emphasized that first, we should actively respond to extreme snow and ice weather, prepare plans, personnel and materials, and ensure the safety of citizens and social stability.Second, make clear the start time of the three projects to ensure that personnel and materials are arranged in place;The third is to clarify the completion date of the three projects to ensure the safety of the 2022 Wujin Dyke flood;Fourth, to coordinate all parties to vigorously support the solution of the construction of the Wujin Dike project difficulties.Winter and spring is the golden season of water conservancy project construction, and also the frequent occurrence period of various hidden dangers.Niu zhengke requested that the concept of safe development should be firmly established. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of construction, the construction schedule should be grasped by taking advantage of the low water level of the Yangtze River and fine weather to ensure the safety of the flood season.With full spirit into the New Year’s work, and constantly improve the image of dike.Host | the hongshan district party committee propaganda department, hongshan district media center reporter 丨 Deng Zhou (correspondent Wang Yuanyuan) art 丨 Wang Zichu Coordinating editor 丨 Xia Min sound | | old bing as a whole paper reviewing wang Juan hongshan high quality, the construction of the university city university city WeChat public ID: HSDXZC