Yunxiao County administrative Service Center: the first day of work in the year of the Tiger

2022-05-10 0 By

This net news (Tian CAI the river dragon) this is the first day after work, resident yunxiao county administrative service center on time window “open”, window staff working rapidly from the lunar New Year holiday state to state, each window all normal work order, workers are methodically to come for business people to provide quality services.In the hall of Yunxiao County administrative Service Center, the reporter saw that all the window staff have been switched from “holiday state” to “working state”, and the business process is orderly.Shizhen, an official, said in an interview that he came to handle the client’s property right certificate. There were few people today, but everyone had already gone to work. The service attitude of the staff was very good and the service was thoughtful and efficient.In order to let the masses in the first day of work to be able to handle matters in time, yunxiao County administrative service center of the window staff before the festival also made preparations before work, to meet the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday.According to yunxiao County real estate Registration Center staff Zhang Jinhai description, after the first day of work is good, can actively assist colleagues to complete other parts of the work, as well as their own affairs, the overall mental state is good.In the next step, he will take on bigger and more difficult tasks with a new mental outlook.At the exit and entry window, the resident who lost his Taiwan Compatriots card was consulting how to reapply for his Taiwan Compatriots card and what subsequent procedures were needed. The window staff answered him patiently and carefully to help him solve the problem as soon as possible.Yunxiao county public security bureau exit-entry administration group, says one squadron mid-team leader Shen Jiali outbreak, the relationship between suspended travel visa in Hong Kong, mainly deal with the macau tourist class now so, or to visit Hong Kong medical employment as well as the urgent need of a class need to exit the passport to travel to other countries, has dealt with the macau tourist class, and Taiwan compatriots certificate of endorsement.Shen jiali said that they came to the window very early today, cleaned up the window, to meet our first day of work in the latest and best state.Starts on the first day, yunxiao county administrative service center of each window staff with the best state of mind quickly into work, patience, enthusiasm for the civil service, to put all energy into normal work, ensure that after each work fast on the right track, strengthening people’s sense of satisfaction and gain, to optimize the business environment constantly “overweight”.