Oman station country ping initial list, dragon python fat absence liang Jingkun led, Chen Xingtong sword refers to the champion

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Oman station will be held from 2.27 to 3.5, as the fans say, ping every sent squad, have very strong pertinence, does not exclude the world championships to select players for chengdu, of course, the absent, ping large main force of the given signal is more obvious, the ping hope first or among youngsters in these times, people can, to be included in the world championships in chengdu,It is also a chance for them to show their strength.In the men’s team, the three of them do not need to compete for the qualification of the World Table Tennis Championships without the longboqiang fat. The Men’s team, led by Liang Jingkun, will compete for the championship. Relatively speaking, it is more intense.Chen xingtong will be the top favorite to win in Oman.Men’s team: Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Chuqin, Lin Shidong, Yuan Licen, Xu Yingbin, Xiang Peng, Xu Haidong, Zhao Zihao, Zhou Qihao, Sun Wen, Yu Ziyang, Xue Fei, Liu Dingshuo, Zhang Yudong, Cao Wei.The boys’ team, Liang Jingkun led, has long been Liang Jingkun in the face of Malone and FanZhenDong, always unable to break through oneself, power and indeed has certain gap between the two, but this time in Oman, Liang Jingkun will take the overall strength and the state, for their own main body qualifications, after all Wang Chuqin has won Macao in the men’s singles champion,For Liang, the pressure is even greater.In addition, There is no doubt that Wang Chuqin will be selected for chengdu World Table Tennis Championships, while Lin Gaoyuan continues to need to break through himself, give full play to his technical and tactical abilities, and improve his confidence. This Oman station is another opportunity for Lin Gaoyuan to continue to improve.In addition to the main players of The National Table Tennis Team, the players that the fans should pay attention to are Lin Shidong and Xiang Peng. Recently, Lin Shidong and Xiang Peng have made great progress in strength and can compete with the main players. Besides the main players, they will also be the players most likely to be selected for the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships.So this Oman station, the play of the two is crucial.Dragon python fat not to participate, Lin Shidong and peng are not afraid to challenge anyone.In addition, our Chinese table tennis fans are familiar with the players, the strength is very good, their performance will also become the highlight of this Oman tournament.Women’s team Chen Xingtong, He Zhuojia, Qian Tianyi, Zhang Rui, Kuai Man, Liu Weishan, Chen Yi, Shi Xunyao, Fan Siqi, Yang Huijing, Zhu Sibing, Qi Fei.Liu Shiwen, Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu and Wang Yidi are all ranked in the top 10 of the world. This time, Chen Xingtong will seize this opportunity to not only improve her ranking, but also to win the championship.He Zhuojia’s strength is actually very good, but he has also encountered a bottleneck recently. Facing the main players of China Table Tennis Team, He Zhuojia has no advantage at all, so he needs more training and more competitions, otherwise the later players will quickly replace he Zhuojia’s position.It can be seen that Zhang Rui has won the trust of the coaching staff, while Qian Tianyi, Kuaiman, Liu Weishan and other young players have made rapid progress in strength and are striving for the qualification of the main force.In addition, the young players in the Chinese women’s table tennis team emerge in endlessly.This time in Oman, all the female table tennis players are young, which also confirms the speed of female table tennis replacement and the improvement of their strength.Summary this Oman station registration list is only preliminary, specific whether can participate in the competition, but also depends on the final list.But fans can at least expect that the Team will be very strong this time.In addition to the confrontation outside the association, the country ping internal competition is also fierce.