“Karsa express TES team problems”!Poor communication limits Knight and EDG

2022-05-10 0 By

LOL as a traditional 5V5 competitive game, LPL arena shows the importance of team cooperation incisively and vividly.From ancient times samsung pair of opens up the “team” was born, to more and more players to find that rely on “4 1” can no longer easily won the game, even if the way of IG the title back to LPL attention to personal strength, but the concept of “team is victory” still entrenched in players of the mind.It’s easy to think of the S11 TES, the middle and bottom team who wanted to win, but couldn’t win.01S11 after ueno left the team, TES new season is flat throughout the last season TES team lineup, you can hardly believe that they have left hand + Water +Karsa can not win a ticket to the S game.Even if some fans attributed the reason to “road/support instability”, “five people have no chemistry”, but when the off-season TES zoom supplement road, Xiao Tian/Xiao Peng to replace Karsa, S12 spring they are so far 2-2 ranked 10th, it is hardly satisfactory.02Karsa finally express TES team problems, poor communication limit Knight, and the gap between EDG and TES performance is not good, fans thought of all kinds of reasons “not in good condition”, but did not expect the last piece of “FIG leaf” is torn by Karsa left the team to join V5.Recently, Karsa in 11 minutes Vlog V5 official release said: “I am one of the biggest role is, I will tell you when I was in training game, no matter we play well should be open to discussion, some of the team before I speak about things don’t open and goes on doing better, she didn’t, will let you hold bad”.Reviewing the RNG and TES that Karsa once worked for, the GOOD atmosphere of RNG team can be excluded, while TES has become the target of public criticism.Looking back at the documentary TES once released, 369 was scolded so badly in front of the camera that he did not dare to look up, and even the clip where the coach said he was “rebellious” was put out. It must have been a shame to stand in 369’s position.In summary, it’s hard for fans not to question whether there are subtle issues with TES team atmosphere and communication.At this point, throughout the S11 TES five son, Karsa with the longest career to shoulder the burden of “adjusting the atmosphere within the team”, but after Karsa left TES communication problems can only be more severe, more limited Knight, A water play.The fact that V5 has been able to win consecutive games after Rookie and Karsa has joined the team further illustrates the importance of the “mediator” identity.In contrast to the EDG coach’s praise of Scout for “speaking up after practice” and Deft’s ability to call a meeting with teammates after Drx’s three-game losing streak and “having to point out other people’s problems,” Internet users pointed out that TES handled it after the loss.To be fair, a veteran player’s contribution to a team must go beyond the game.For example, the factory director was named “EDG’s team spirit” around S8, UZI joined BLG to “serve as the team flag and help players grow”, An led the team as a veteran in S7, Karsa led the team as a veteran in V5, all of which illustrate the importance of veteran players at the team level and the necessity of smooth communication in and out of the game.From another perspective, the player’s mentality and personality can also determine his performance on the court to a certain extent.That’s what we need to think about.Finally, do you think the communication problem of TES is still serious?Can they make a comeback in the spring?Leave a comment in the comments section!