A 1-0.Paris revenge, Mbappe shot + ignored Messi’s call for the ball, Uncle Bozos fans turned on him

2022-05-10 0 By

Despite Paris’ 1-0 home revenge against Rennes, the game was hardly satisfactory.With a magnificent squad, Uncle Bowie did not score a goal until the last minute of the game, which caused him to be turned off by the home fans.He was booed by the home fans at the start of the game.This obviously has a lot to do with the poor performance of his previous coaching.Ligue 1 round 24 began to compete, by Paris host rennes.Due to the champions League match against Real Madrid in the middle of next week, Paris made a small rotation, young player Simons into the starting line, along with Messi and Mbappe forward line, also starting goalkeeper Navas, defenders Ashraf, Kimpumbe, Markinios, Bernert, midfielders Villa, Paredes, Draxler,Di Maria, Icardi, Wijnaldum and others are waiting on the bench.Just three minutes into the game, Paris held the ball in the backfield. Marchinios made a mistake under pressure and was robbed to start a fast break. Thanks to Bernard’s quick return, he stole the ball ahead of his opponents.In the 6th minute, Rabid forced ashraf down the left side of the bottom cross, Brino grabbed the point to push, Navas did not dare to inadvertently the ball out of the bottom line.In the 14th minute, From a corner from the right by Rennes, Saint-Maria rose high in the centre to head the ball narrowly wide.The shot left Navas in a cold sweat.The 32nd minute, Messi straight plug, Mbappe high speed into the penalty area, the other defender will be the first to shovel the ball out the bottom line.In the 39th minute, the Paris midfielder broke the ball and counterattacked. Mbappe dribbled into the penalty area and fired into the far corner of the post. Simons’s rebound was blocked by the defenders.In the 61st minute, Ashraf forced the ball into the penalty area on the right side of the inverted triangle pass, Mbappe flanked the goal, the result will hit the ball fly.A minute later draxler made a diagonal tap and Mbappe led the ball away from the defender, volleyed at the keeper and sent the ball high again.In the 64th minute, Mbappe burst into the penalty area and swung past the keeper to score.But mbappe was ruled offside and the goal was disallowed.Watching from the stands, Neymar shook his head as Mbappe missed his chance, clearly displeased with his teammate’s performance.In the third minute of stoppage time, Messi cut a ball from the back of Paris to counter the goal, and Mbappe’s shot into the far corner was blocked by the goalkeeper.One to nil, Paris kill.It is worth mentioning that Messi immediately followed up after the pass and asked Mbappe for the ball, but Mbappe chose to shoot himself, ignoring Messi’s request for the ball.It was a lucky goal, otherwise mbappe would have been criticised after the match for his performance in the previous 90 minutes.