Spring Festival gala three row: Guo Donglin wearing a military coat, Zhao Liying almost went the wrong way, Alan Tam in good condition

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As the saying goes: after “xiao Nian” is “nian”.January 25 is the northern New Year, after the New Year, the taste of the New Year is getting heavier and heavier.As the New Year draws near, the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala is also held for the third time on the day of the Little Year.Many familiar stars, once again appeared in the row scene.Here we take stock of the Spring Festival Gala three times in the row of stars.This is the first time for Zhao Liying to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala after 15 years of debut.As the hottest actress in mainland China, she is almost non-stop these days.A few days ago the first row over, hurried to the airport, back to the cast shooting.Now he hurried back for his third platoon.However, although very busy, but dedicated Zhao Liying state looks very good.Wearing black casual sports pants, white short coat, black and white simple wear match, the whole person is capable and delicate.Her hair started out with curls, which made her look aggressive.After a while, tied into a half high ponytail, very girlish feeling.Zhao Liying into the studio hall row, or in the afternoon.It was evening when the results came back.Perhaps the whole process is too exhausting, the end of her row, more than a trace of exhaustion.So much so that when I followed the staff to leave, I went the wrong way, but fortunately I corrected it in time.Say zhao Liying body, also have a few “comedians” burden.Like Zhao, This year is the first time For Ying to appear on the gala.All know yinger clothes taste good, the second time when the row, wearing black and white case grain coat, ball head nifty do not break capable.When yesterday’s third row, wearing a white “China” printed down jacket.Simple and atmospheric, very in line with her temperament.Coincidentally is yinger and bao Beier, actually hit unlined upper garment in the row scene.Bao Was also wearing a white down jacket.It’s just that it’s not his first time on the gala, and it looks like this one will include him.It can be said that this is the third time that the Gala has been lined up.To enter the third time, I believe that this year’s Spring Festival Gala stage, can see their chances are very high.Although the TFboys are only in their early 20s, they are all old men on the gala stage.They made their debut in August 2013.Three years later, it appeared on CCTV Spring Festival Gala.After these years, although there is no fit, but basically every year Spring Festival Gala, there are their presence.The 2022 Spring Festival Gala, the Year of the Tiger, is no exception.The third row scene, three people have appeared.The first is yi Yangqianxi, which has a strong development momentum in the film circle. In the last two years, it has become a top trend.He has starred in the young You, Send you a Little Red flower, Jangjin Lake and other films, each better than the last.His popularity is also growing.This time at the scene of the row, wearing a red leather jacket handsome, new hair color is also particularly eye-catching.As a teenager, he does not know what stage he will bring this year. Many fans are looking forward to his dancing stage.And Yi Yangqianxi, Wang Yuan and Wang Junkai, the same is full of youthful feeling.Dressed in a black down jacket, Wang was full of energy before and after the rehearsal.Footage from the scene shows him skipping out of the room after rehearsals.Have to sigh young is good.Wang Junkai, like Wang Yuan, also wore a black down jacket.From the Reuters picture, or the handsome and cute “brother”.In fact, three people have appeared in the row scene, or caused a lot of hot discussion.After all, many netizens still wish they could share the same stage.I just don’t know if they’ll be able to perform together again this year.In addition to a small fresh meat, the Spring Festival Gala on the stage of the real actors, is also essential.For example, deng Chao, a famous movie actor, has been in his career for decades and has made many good works.He should be one of the most popular actors of the Mesozoic era.In recent years, Deng Chao seems to be interested in the variety industry.He has participated in popular variety shows such as Running Man, Creative Camp and Hahahaha.In the show funny things to do more, the whole person also gives a person a “happy off” feeling.He appeared at the scene of the row, wearing an orange down jacket, quite striking.All the way to meet fans, but also all kinds of funny.Just to catch up with the small year, but also constantly around the people around him “New Year”.Like Deng Chao, there is sha Yi, a former comedian.Since his success with “Little Joy”, he has developed quite well.In his third row, he was also conspicuous in a baseball cap and blue down jacket.But he is already an old man of the gala.I’ve seen the big picture. It’s like everything’s a breeze.Roadside to see the onlookers, but also constantly greet, send blessings: New Year’s day.Sha Yi has been on the Spring Festival Gala for many times, and he is a familiar face, as well as the sketch actors.The first is Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei.The pairing of the two sisters has almost become the norm on family reunion days.2021 was also a big year for both of them.With the film “Hello, Lee Hwan-ying” earlier this year, both sisters made a comeback.Jia Ling became a hot director, zhang Xiaofei realized her movie dream and won the best actress.But they’ve come a long way.So even “once in power”, is very calm.Showed up at the rowhouse, low-key as usual.In a cute leopard-print top that seemed to echo the Year of the Tiger theme, Jia looked very down-to-earth, holding a thermos cup.One side of the “fei ma” Zhang Xiaofei, thick coat with a hoodie, looks no different from passers-by, with a hat, almost completely can not see her face.Both sisters are real people, so to speak.Do not know this year’s Spring Festival Gala stage, will give us what kind of surprise.In addition to Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei, and Ma Li led the happy Mahua team.Mahua Funage is also a very hot group in these two years.As the heroine of the group, Ma Li is especially popular.However with Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei same, Ma Li also all the more honest, low-key.After the red did not float, still do their own things well.She appeared in the third row scene, because the door was crowded, did not immediately go in.Chatted with fans outside, and in a short chat, sent their own wishes.In fact, like them, the same familiar sketch actors, there are many.For example, in the past two years, even on the Spring Festival Gala Jia Bing.With the “Happy comedians” after the fire, gradually become a mainstay of the Spring Festival Gala stage.Guo Donglin’s return should come as a surprise to many people.After all, he’s been in comedy for years, and he has a legion of fans.The key is that along the way, also brought us a lot of good works: such as “Something you talk”, “Shi Cheng People”, “a Word of things” and so on.For this reason, Guo donglin is one of the best comedians in many people’s minds.However, due to age, he gradually faded from the stage after the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala.A lot of people thought he was done with it.To my surprise, I came back three years later.A few days ago, the media took guo Donglin appeared in the Gala row scene.And he’s been doing comedy for years, and he’s already done it.So even though the reporters were hounding him, he showed up wearing a green coat that, if you didn’t look closely, might have been a military coat.I just don’t know what kind of surprise Guo Donglin will bring us when he returns to the stage.With the appearance of the actors, I can see that this year’s sketch stage, there are still some surprises.But compared with the sketch, crosstalk is a little cold.Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue have not been photographed in recent years.I don’t know if they’re too good at keeping secrets or something else.As for the other crosstalk performers, the only one caught on camera was Jiang Kun.The 71-year-old Jiang Kun also appeared in the third row.In fact, despite other controversies, he is also a very good crosstalk actor.It seems that on the stage this year, as a senior, he will become a cross talk representative, but I don’t know what kind of surprise Jiang Kun will give us.Alan Tam and Kun Are both 71 years old.They keep doing the art they love when they should be out of work.Jiang Kun said crosstalk, Alan Tam sang.And this time, also appeared in the Spring Festival Gala row scene.From the Reuters chart, Alan Tam is in good shape.And he was not the only one, with the platoon also zhong Zhentao, Peng Jianxin, Ye Zhiqiang, Chen You and others.With such a lineup, netizens are looking forward to seeing a combination of the five Tigers.In fact, in addition to the above stars, the third row scene, there are many stars.To some extent, it also deepens the expectation of netizens for the Gala.Now the distance from the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, DO not know when the time will have a what kind of Spring Festival Gala.The end of the text is the end is also the beginning.