Spring Festival I am on duty at “Chasing the Wind” watchman

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Xiangtan Daily all media reporter Tong Mingyuan correspondent Li Shasha “Cub, dad has been safe to the mountain, these days you stay at home to accompany your mother, grandparents New Year’s Day, remember the New Year’s Eve and I video call oh!””All right, Dad, I’d like to go to the place where you are on duty. I wonder if the snow on the mountain will be more beautiful after two days of snow.”On the eve of the Spring Festival, Li Tao, sitting on the shuttle bus, had no time to enjoy the snowy scenery outside the window. Instead, he silently read the precautions for his shift, and how to deal with the abnormal operation of the fan on a snowy day.After more than an hour’s drive, he arrived at datang Xiangtan power generation company in the recent construction of the first decentralized wind power project – Xiangtan Baishi Tang tea wind farm.As soon as he got off the bus, he told his family that he was safe.Li Tao is an employee of Datang Xiangtan Power Generation Company. He majored in electrical engineering. He has worked in the control Department of the company for many years and has rich operating experience.”I want to contribute to the company’s development of new energy, standing in a higher place overlooking the distance.”It is because of this desire in his heart that he resolutely transformed from an ordinary thermal power man into a wind power man.”Tao elder brother, again make a phone call to the child ah, this Spring Festival we two big old man gather together, rare!In the mountains at the right time to enjoy the snow, work both wrong, think about whether it is also quite artistic conception!”Chen Yang, a new colleague at the wind farm, joked.”Well!”Hearing this, Li Tao’s thoughts immediately returned to work. He and Chen Yang went straight to the production building and started their busy and fulfilling duty during the Spring Festival.In the duty room, the parameters of five fans on the computer screen are changing normally. “Wind speed, bearing temperature, outlet voltage, reactive power and power factors are all normal.”Li Tao is carefully making notes in the duty book.Although the fan runs normally, in order to ensure that the outlet voltage, reactive power and power factors match with the requirements of the power grid, the wind field is equipped with dynamic reactive power compensation device and filter device, which is also one of the key points that the fan attendant needs to pay attention to daily.”Tao elder brother, reactive power adjustment to consider the problem is really many, on the one hand to timely adjust reactive power, on the other hand can not consume too much power plant, you have to teach me more.”Chen Yang consulted Li Tao while looking over the parameters.Chen Yang proficient in the maintenance of steam engine, was the company maintenance department staff, seconded to the engineering company to undertake business, travelling north and south, turning to many places, trained a strong ability.When he learned that Tangcha Wind Farm would soon be put into operation, he volunteered to join the wind power duty team to “charge up” and learn the professional knowledge of fan operation and maintenance.He was naturally optimistic and cheerful, go where can hear his forlorn laughter, “although lonely mountain, difficult conditions, get used to it, we can also go to the booster station, fan point to turn around, very good!”In the New Year, they chose a new challenge, on duty in the wind farm, walking in the mountains, for the development of new energy dedication of their own strength.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page